A Morning High 5

Good Morning/Almost afternoon everyone 🙂

Is it just me or does it seem like this week has flown by in a weird way?  The days didn’t necessarily move fast, but all of a sudden it’s Thursday.   I’m definitely not complaining 🙂

I came home to Zach working on our skis last night. . . using his new birthday tools.  So we are good and ready for winter park this weekend 🙂



This Morning

I love my Thursday mornings :).   Sleep in, AND get time to work out? Yes, please!

I woke up at 730 this morning, without a problem, EXHAUSTED but ready to get moving.

Workout of the Morning: 5 miles

  • 5 minutes 6.3-6.6, 2 minutes 1-2 minutes @ 8
  • Finished in just under 44 minutes

My legs were LEAD to start this run, but as I continued on they greatly loosened up.   I had no intended distance/pace, but ended up pushing to get 5 miles.  For whatever reason, that distance seemed good to me this morning.  Can’t get in the 4 mile rut, right?


The weather is FINALLY getting it’s act together here in Denver!  We have highs at 50 today.  Blissful.  You better believe I broke back out my TOMS for this one!

Question of the Morning/Afternoon: I haven’t asked this one in awhile.  What was your workout this morning, or do you have any planned? 


15 thoughts on “A Morning High 5

  1. I was supposed to swim this morning, but I got to the pool and it’s closed til JANUARY! So I got to work super early and have to bike tonight instead. Whomp whomp.

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