WIAW – Breakfast Edition

Time for my foodie self to get excited! What I Ate Wednesday, as always, hosted by the wonderful Jenn.

Since I have been working on eating WHOLE, REAL foods these past couple of weeks, my love of breakfast has been reignited.  Because of that, I thought I would make today’s edition of WIAW a breakfast edition.  Featuring some of my favorite breakfasts, savory, sweet, restaurant style, and homemade!

Homemade Breakfasts



When I make breakfast for myself, and for Zach, at home, I tend to go for the savory route, specifically eggs.  I LOVE egg scrambles.  They’re perfect “garbage” dishes, throw whatever you have in the fridge and call it delish.  I also LOVE breakfast sammies, of any variety.  Carbs, protein, and veggies.  Awesome!  And of course, PB is always number 1 in my book.

Restaurant Breakfasts



Breakfast/Brunch is ALWAYS a favorite of mine to indulge in :).  If I’m in the strickly breakfast mode, I tend to go for egg white omelettes with fruit sides, quiches, or even fresh breakfast sammies.  Lately I have also been LOVING The Whole Foods oatmeal bar!

Breakfast TREATS


Because sometimes you just have to indulge for breakfast. 🙂  I LOVE coffee cakes (homemade are the BEST), pastries, and decadent bagels with PB or a good cream cheese.  My favorite is Panera’s famous cinnamon crunch.  YUM.

Alright, who now wants brinner?

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20 thoughts on “WIAW – Breakfast Edition

  1. I love breakfast for dinner! But I’m more of a pancakes/waffles girl and love chocolate chip pancakes with pb, it’s amazing.

  2. I almost had brinner last night!! I didn’t feel like cooking dinner and we had a bunch of leftovers that would have been yummy in egg whites…but the omelette pan was dirty and I’m lazy lol. Plus I realized I had leftover Thai food that needed to be eaten 🙂

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