Is It January Already?

This morning I got up a little early (and by a little early, I mean like 5-10 minutes).  I was feeling good and ready to get a good run in.  Thank you, rest day :).

At about 620 I headed down to the gym.  In my normal morning daze, I walked through the halls to the gym, got to the elevator, went down to the first floor, turned the corner, used my fob to get into the gym, and…



All the treadmills were full, AGAIN.

Whomp whomp.  2 times in as many days (it happened on Sunday, I didn’t run yesterday).

Is it January ALREADY?  I know this cold front is really bumming people out, so I’m just going to be thankful that it should be over here in Denver by the weekend.

Despite the full treadmills, I hopped on the bike and waited unpatiently for a treadmill to become available.

Workout of the Morning:  4 miles on the bike / 4 miles on the treadmill

  • easy for miles on the bike
  • Progressive speed run
  • Minutes 1-10 6.3 + 1 each minute (ending at 7.2)
  • Minutes 11-28 6.3 + 1 each minute (ending at 8.0)
  • Minutes 28-34 intervals until reading 4.0 miles

I’ve gotten to where I get REALLY bored on the treadmill, but switching up the speed every minute makes me feel like I reach a mini milestone every 60 seconds.  60 seconds doesn’t seem so bad, right?

I may try and squeeze in a QUICK short run after work as well today . . . I have been liking the one 2-a-day a week while I’m sticking primarily to shorter distances.  There are definitely more long-distance races in my future, and the two-a-day is a nice way to still get  miles on the ol’ legs.

Alright guys. . . time to eat breakfast.  I’m trying something new this morning.  I had a wee bit of oatmeal left over, so I’m going to add an half a banana mushed into it.  I have high hopes. . .

Question of the Morning:  Have you felt the January rush yet?

23 thoughts on “Is It January Already?

  1. My gym has gotten really crowded too! I feel like I should get a pass that lets me kick people off of the treadmill since I am there consistently throughout the year…. That seems fair, right? 😉

  2. Lol the other January trend I see is FB statuses saying so and so when to the gym. I think it’s funny because the only people who feel the need to post that they went to the gym, are the people that NEVER go to the gym.

  3. That progression seems like an awesome way to make 4 miles fly by, I might have to try it now that its zero (actually 30) degrees out in the mornings!

  4. I know what you mean with the whole january gym thing. My apartment complex has a small workout room that’s almost always empty when I go to use it, suddenly the new year comes around and everyone’s working out in it. It dies out in a couple weeks though………. which is pretty sad when you think about it

  5. I have definitely experienced the January rush. Part of me can get really angry about the crowds (which is why I typically hit the gym at 5AM instead of 5PM); however, I guess I should consider that a lot of the new people after January 1st are trying to work on their health and that’s admirable. 🙂

  6. Adding scrambled eggs and salsa to your oatmeal is super yummy, too.
    Lately in the mornings, I’ve been having grits with dehydrated chili mangos and dried pineapple with a teaspoon of coconut oil. Awesome!!!

  7. I’ve been out of the gym for more than a week, I’m sure this is the case where I go, but since it’s bigger when there is an increase in attendance it doesn’t hurt as much as your apartment gym. At least you were able to get a warm up in. I can’t imagine I would have motivation if everything, including the bikes were taken.

    I’m working on my plan for next week and I’m going to use the gym at the school I work at. They have an indoor track and I think that’ll be a lot easier on my hip than a “no bounce back” treadmill. I’m hoping the following week when I go back to my gym, everyone else will be worried about family affairs that I will have my way with the machines :]

  8. I HATE when the gym get’s super crowded in January.. my yoga studio has groupons and living social deals every couple of weeks and that always leads to a huge increase in attendance too, so annoying!

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