Good Morning Rest…Monday

What a random weekend that was . . .  between locking my keys in my car, almost losing my wallet, and having my pup almost eat us out of house and home, the weekend was a bit off.

But that doesn’t mean it was without it’s highlights!

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With that said, I am ready to tackle this new week :).

I started last week with my rest day, and I actually REALLY think that worked well for my body.  While I LOVE starting out the week with a good work out, sometimes it’s nice to be able to look forward to sleeping in, relaxing, and slowly starting your week after a GOOD workout Sunday.

Which is exactly what I did.

Rest this AM, but I do have some planned YOGA for the PM.  I haven’t done a dedicated yoga session in a little while, and I think my body will thank me 🙂


What a lucky girl I am, I even had a husband who made me some delicious oatmeal.  It includes:

  • milk
  • maple syrup
  • blueberries
  • flax seed

And of course, I added some dried fruit (peaches and apples) to it. . . I LOVE dried fruit with hot oatmeal!


excuse the crappy cell phone picture!

Hello healthy!  Thanks, Babe! 🙂

With a rest day today, I plan to eat healthy and well, let my body reboot, and then dive into a good week of runs and work outs.

Workout Plan For The Week

  • Monday- YOGA
  • Tuesday – 4 Mile speed Am/POSSIBLE PM 3 miles easy
  • Wednesday – 4 miles easy
  • Thursday: 5-6 miles easy pace
  • Friday – 4 miles
  • Saturday – 2 miles/SKI
  • Sunday – SKI – possible PM run

Zach and I are planning on staying in Winter Park for the weekend, so I want to focus my energy on skiing and not running for the time being.  With that said, you never know where you can squeeze a few miles in ;).

And just like that, it’s time for work.  Have a great Monday morning everyone!

Question of the Morning:  What’s your favorite way to start a healthy week?

23 thoughts on “Good Morning Rest…Monday

  1. I love to start with hot yoga which I’ve definitely been slacking on recently. I’m so jealous of skiing, I’ve only been once! Also, I love a good run to start the week off right 🙂

  2. I’m planning on yoga tonight too..after yesterday’s 5k I feel like my body needs to stretch and relax. I’m hoping *fingers crossed* to run tomorrow as it’s my only day this week I can run at lunch.

  3. Sunday’s I try to get as much cooking in as possible, so Monday I have the chance to relax from cooking and concentrate on workouts and meditation. I found that if I meditate on my lunch hour on Mondays I am able to get through the rest of the work day without a problem, I also have a clear train of thought to plan out the rest of the week. I also go to Bikram on Mondays when possible :]

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