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So I’m a nerd and LOVE to look at the stats for Chocolate Medals often.    I love to see where everyone is viewing from, what websites link to my page, which posts are most popular…etc.


This was just funny. . . and it’s what came up when I typed funny links. Love it

Lately I have been LOVING what searches have BROUGHT people to my page…there have been some pretty epic ones.   I thought it might be fun to share some of them with ya!


  • song deja vu reeses peanut butter i do–  ❤ reeses…and songs?
  • pay my bill for yogaholic — i am a yogaholic
  • running on my birthday medal — we SHOULD get a medal for running on our birthdays
  • great pizza challenge race photos — i need to find this race
  • does sweat fry your hair — if it does I’m screwed
  • i miss you all comment — miss you too
  • 2 metals in chocolate — yum
  • tomorrow is monday again — hate this
  • can a little chocolate help you sleep  — yes.
  • just starting the pick ups. do you think you could bring my pink jacket from piper it has my gloves — sure can?!
  • just tried an ice bath don’t recommend it  — they are painful
  • say something 2 your best friend — will do.


  • i get married tomorrow — awwwe I ❤ weddings
  • happy birthday zachary — HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!
  • rock and roll st louis half marathon 2013  — great race 🙂
  • treat others the way you want to be treated — darn straight
  • run for chocolate blog –story of my life 
  • christmas tree with race medals — such a cool idea
  • thank you chocolate medals — you’re very welcome

I’m not sure why but I’ve been having a few good laughs from these lately 🙂  Hope you all enjoy the randomness as much as I have!

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Question:  Bloggers:  what is the funniest thing that has sent someone to your page?  Non-bloggers – I also LOVE me some auto-completes on Google search.  Any funny ways Google has completed your thought?

23 thoughts on “Funny Links

  1. haha I’ll admit I’m addicted too. My favorite phrases are “nursing school runs my life” and “freezer burn on leg from icepack”

  2. I love your blog! I’m so glad I found it! Part of my motivation for staying active is so that I can be healthy and still indulge and eat the sweet treats that I love!

  3. That list is awesome!! I was thinking of doing a post like this too, but mine aren’t nearly as good. My favorite search term I had was “running blerg.” I think it’s an oddly accurate description of what I write about 🙂

  4. Kind of related in a non-linear way, do you notice if you get re-blogged on that spamming or junk sites? And if so – what do you do about it, if anything? My blog is young, and I have been gotten a few spam comments but yesterday a portion of my post and a link back were posted on a random site that appears to do nothing but re-blog unrelated material. I’m sure it’s spammy somehow, but was wondering, as you have a larger base than I – does this happen to you, and if so, do you deal with it, or ignore? Thanks for letting me ramble and slightly hi-jack your comments.

    Related to the post – I love it when people post the weirdo things that bring others to their site. I haven’t looked through my site yet – I wonder if there’s anything good there?

  5. That’s too funny. I had to go look this up! I get a crazy number of hits for “Monday Mornings” search (almost 30% of my search hits from that phrase!!). Some of my other favourites include “Wonderful Nachos” and “Bedtime+Beer” and “Where the hell is my wetsuit”. Too funny!!

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