WIAW — Thanksgiving Edition

While we’re all trying to stay warm here out West, I’m warming my HEART by going back through my favorite Holiday eats of the past week . . . with the star being THANKSGIVING OF COURSE!

Time of WHAT I ATE WEDNESDAY — Thanksgiving Edition!  As always, WIAW is hosted by the talented and adorable Jenn at Peas and Crayons

Thanksgiving Meal


Seriously, this was one of my favorite Thanksgiving meals in memory.  SO fresh, full of flavor and even fairly healthy!  LOVED IT.  My favorite bites were probably the stuffing on top of the greens, but it was all great!

Thanksgiving Dessert


While it doesn’t photograph well, Zach’s family has a holiday tradition of making French Silk Pie, and this years did NOT disappoint :). YUM

Breakfast Treat

DSCN1464 DSCN1465

My sister-in-law made some DELICIOUS homemade sticky buns for us all to enjoy with our Thanksgiving morning coffee…oh man were they sinful.  I am shocked that I limited myself to one!  I wanted the whole pan!

Thanksgiving Snacks


We snacked on a BUNCH of cheese, crackers and wine (beer for the boys) all afternoon during the holiday.  But let’s be real. . . I can snack on that stuff any day!

And that, my friends, was WIA- Thanksgiving Edition 🙂  SOOO good, I miss the holiday and family already 🙂 ❤

Question of the Afternoon:  What was your favorite item on your Thanksgiving plate this year?

Stuffing, for sure.

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17 thoughts on “WIAW — Thanksgiving Edition

  1. I am so jealous of your Thanksgiving food (I’m English). In my last job, I had a fantastic assistant who was from California – she used to make the most delicious pumpkin pie to share with the office for Thanksgiving. I’ve never heard of French Silk Pie before, so I had to google it and if I get a chance to spend some time in the kitchen at Christmas, I’m going to try making it!

  2. Favorite item was my dessert plate. Big shocker, I know. I can’t even decide if I liked the frozen pumpkin pie (ice cream on top of a graham cracker crust and pumpkin pie filling on top) or my mom’s cranberry lemon bundt cake more.

  3. Oh man, I wanna come over for Thanksgiving next year. Is that okay? Everything looks fantastic.

    My favorite dish from Thanksgiving would have to be the Pumpkin Pie I made. It was a raw pie, and delicioius!

  4. I would have too say stuffing and sweet potatoes are my favorite Thanksgiving foods! 🙂 Also, those buns look so good! I have wanted to start a tradition of cinnamon rolls for thanksgiving morning. Maybe I’ll make it a Christmas tradition!

  5. My mom makes this awesome stuffing with mushroom gravy, it’s always my favorite! But I’m also proud of the home made pumpkin pie I made for Zach and I, it was delicious 🙂

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