Baby It’s Cold Outside

Denver, along with much of the country, is under the arctic blast of cold and snow currently.   Good times in the city 🙂



Thankfully Zach and I had a nice healthy dinner last night to fuel me through the morning.  Bright salads with tomato, spinach, butter lettuce, carrots, onion Parmesan cheese and some chicken for me.   Of course, with a side of cranberry walnut bread, my favorite.

This Morning

I was very hopeful for a snowday today, but since we weren’t so lucky, I got myself up at the normal hour for a workout.

Workout of the day:  4 miles with random speed work

finished in a little under 36 minutes.

I’m still working on getting the last bit of gunk out of my chest, but my legs felt great!

I then braved the cold and snow and ran by Whole Foods again for some oatmeal, fruit and dried fruit.


I am loving this stuff :).

We’ve got exciting dinner plans tonight, so I’m looking forward to squeaking through the work day to make it through to dinner :).

Stay warm, stay safe, and have a great Wednesday everyone!


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Question of the Morning: Is it snowing/freeeeezing where you are?

29 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold Outside

  1. Our weather has been changing so much, freezing one day, warmer another. We got tones of rain last night while another part of the Province got hammered with snow! I’m completely ready for winter…snow…and being outside in the cold.

  2. It isn’t snowing over here 😦 I think snow is one of those things that you want when you don’t have it, but if you have it all the time you get sick of it haha. We did have frost on the cars this AM and the hose water was frozen. I don’t think that counts haha.

  3. It is cold in Victoria the last few days. Tonight we have run club and I think I will be wearing my fleece lined running pants again tonight. Stay warm and enjoy your dinner out.

  4. The weather here is crazy. As I type it is sunny and 75 degrees. Gorgeous. The forecast says tomorrow it will be 40 degrees cooler!!! WTH? Ice and snow is predicted for friday! What the what?!?! A low of 11 on Monday. I’m out!

  5. Shockingly it’s gotten A LOT warmer in NC since you left! I wish it had been this warm when I ran my Turkey Trot last week.

  6. Bleh yes it is! I was supposed to fly back to Portland today from Minneapolis via Denver, but Minneapolis and Denver are such hot messes right now (or…cold messes?) that I became so frustrated with trying to find new options that didn’t work, that I just decided to book a different flight out tomorrow. I was hating on the snow hardcore this morning, but now that I have a new plan, I can’t help but love it as I watch it come down.

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