Well That Wasn’t Expected, I lied.

I am just going to come out and say it.

I ran this morning.

Picture 010

Yesterday I needed a break.  Mentally, physically.  I think most importantly I needed to break my “streak.”   Thanks to my type-A brain, I couldn’t just let it be.  Instead of just recognizing I needed a mini break and taking it, I had to make a plan.  So I did…

By the afternoon yesterday, I already felt better.  I knew that my streak was over, I felt the pressure lifted.  Whatever has been hanging out in my chest was beginning to break up and I was started to feel better overall as well.

So when I woke up this morning, felt good and WANTED to start my day off with a run, I did.

Workout of the Day:  4 miles with random speed intervals of 800 meters to 400 meters.  34+ minute total

I felt a little guilt, because I told you all that I would be taking a couple days off.  But honestly, I felt like the most important thing for me was getting my sweat on this morning.

Maybe as I head into the New Year . . . one of my GOALS should be to be more relaxed, more free, and more sporadic.  Because without the pressure, I felt pretty good today :).

Question of the Day:  Have you ever taken a break from taking a break?

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22 thoughts on “Well That Wasn’t Expected, I lied.

  1. DON’T feel guilty! You took a break because you thought you needed one, but it turns out you only needed a breath or 2 😉 The important thing is to do what your body is ready for! I take breaks from breaks all the time. I’m really bad at taking chill days where you do nothing- I usually end up doing something productive and then I’m tired and regret not resting haha

  2. I don’t think you should feel guilty….you didn’t lie, you changed your mind. Lying would have been not posting about the run. What I do think is important, and I face this question often, is why am I working out/running? Especially if I thought I needed a break and suddenly I’m raring to go – did I just need a breath? Sometimes, that’s totally true! But sometimes I know I find myself getting out there because it feels scary not to, and that’s a different feeling that needs to be examined (which I do on the regular!)

    Anyway, never feel guilty about doing what you think is best for you!

  3. Don’t feel bad, the only reason you were taking a break was that you thought you needed one, if you feel like running, run girl! Plus, I totally get it, I’m super type-A as well 🙂

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