We Didn’t Forget About The Tree

I’m going to admit — when Zach and I didn’t decorate yesterday, the thought occurred to me that we may not actually get to it.  Keep postponing it, excuses, etc.



But nope –we got to decorating right as I got home from work (Zach skied today, so we both got home around the same time).



Zach started with the lights while I got all of our ornaments out of their boxes and added their hanging pin.



Beautiful! Within an hour, we had a beautiful tree that makes us feel like home :).  Unfortunately we never got to putting up a tree last year, so this means that much more to us this year.

My New Favorite Ornament



Honestly, how beautiful is this ornament?  Well just wait until I tell you what it actually is.

My friend Jessica who was in town this weekend brought this little beauty as a gift.  It’s actually a clear ornament with the lyrics to our wedding song inside.  How amazing is that?  Jason Mraz, I Won’t Give Up.

So thoughtful, and pretty.  It makes me smile every time I look at it :).

Now it’s time to sit down to dinner and enjoy or beautiful tree!  Have a great night everyone — Merry Christmas ❤

(Promise I won’t be saying that every single day until the holiday…)

Question of the evening:  What’s your favorite/most meaningful ornament?  From childhood or now…


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27 thoughts on “We Didn’t Forget About The Tree

  1. What a fantastic ornament…and so thoughtful. I haven’t taken out Christmas decorations out yet…we’ve had so much going on. This weekend we will decorate our little tree and then our big tree mid-month.
    Favourite ornament….would be Santa with his list of our four names on it. It was a wedding gift and my friend left room to add names later 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness that is the sweetest ornament idea!! Also that is a beautiful photos, so kudos on the photography skills! I might have to steal that ornament idea for a few friends who are getting married this summer 🙂

  3. Wow, that is the most thoughtful ornament in existence! I love it. My mom gives me and my sister an ornament or two every Christmas to add to our trees. They all have some kind of connection to me so it’s hard to pick just one!

  4. What a great idea for a Christmas ornament! I have a ton of favorites because I used to get a new ornament every year. Each one means something different, so I really love them all. I even have one that says 26.2 on it! 🙂

  5. When I was a child, there was a little red felt mouse who was my favorite Christmas decoration. I always loved putting him on the tree, and even when my mum decided to have colour themed trees I still managed to sneak him on there…even on the completely white and silver tree or the blue one! I was still doing this while I was at university and coming home for christmas.
    I don’t know what became of him once my parents moved house though…it is quite sad!

  6. Umm… LOVE your blog’s name! My most meaningful ornament is a tacky one that my husband’s best friend gave us at our engagement shower. It’s meaningful because he means a lot to us and because he actually thought it was a gorgeous ornament. I can see him debating over which one to pick out in the store and going with it. Despite his bad taste it’s the thought that counts!

  7. I love your ornament! I might try to recreate this for my husband! We have a lot of Disney ornaments which I received from my bridal shower last year, and every time I see one I think of my awesome family and how much they know how much I love Disney!

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