I AM A Runner

Happy December and Happy Monday all.


To think that 2013 is wrapping up in less than a month blows my mind.  It has been such an amazing year, and when I think to how much has happened or changed since January, I go into a bit of a shock.

BUT, now that it is December, I have decided that I want to take a more relaxed perspective on my own health and well being.

I AM A Runner

For the past 20+ days, I have been on a “running streak.”  I have trained my body to push through challenges in a way that running had never pushed me before.  Miles were TOUGH in the beginning, I was running on lead legs everyday but knew that I wanted to push.


Well — to my surprise, miles got easier.  My legs adjusted to back-t0-back (to back, to back) days of running, and were even able to push harder than I ever expected.  It was exciting and new.


Last week,  I started feeling extremely exhausted and even a little sick.  But I pushed through Thanksgiving.  I Actually ended up having my biggest mileage week to date.


I was also ignoring the fact that I wasn’t feeling well, constantly exhausted, nauseous often, and just run down in general.  While my legs were still feeling OK (my speed was drastically dropping), my body was tired.


So today, after a double run day yesterday (had to go out in style) I decided that I am holding myself to a break of two days.  Two days away from running, getting lots of rest, drinking lots of water, eating lots of protein, and recovering.  I plan on squeezing in some yoga (and sit ups, already did some of those this morning) to help boost recovery…but I want that to be IT.


I have had some crap stuck in my throat for the past week, and I am hoping that a mini break will help give that time to clear out and move on.  I am hoping that it re-sets my passion for running, and that it reboots my immune system.


This is definitely not natural for me, and I recognize that it WONT be natural for me to take 2 days.  BUT I know after 2 days my body and mind are going to be healthy, happy and ready to reboot running.

And that, my friends, is how I am starting the last month of 2013.   I couldn’t feel better about it.

Come back later this afternoon for my first Giveaway 🙂

Question of the Morning:  Have you ever pushed beyond your limit?  Have you ever taken a break?

28 thoughts on “I AM A Runner

  1. Good for you for listening to your body. I have to do that often. The more years I put into running, the more injury/sickness prone my body gets. About four months ago I had to take an entire month off for my IT band. It made the comeback even that much better! Can’t wait to see what that giveaway is!

  2. That’s funny because my post that I am posting later today is similar-I was doing “the streak” and decided to stop. (Different reasons) everyone needs a break every now and then-you definitely have to take care of you!!

  3. Great job to listen to your body. That is my number one problem, not listening to my body! I have been sick all week and was a mess going into Thanksgiving because I was still running. I decided to stop running for a few days and give my body a rest and guess what?! It worked wonders on my body and my running!

  4. Good for realizing what your body needs! I struggle with that too. Just took two days off from weightlifting because my body was so tired but i’m SO happy I did it. I feel 10 times better today. Catch up on some TV or bake :). Well that’s what I would do

  5. Aww I’m sorry twin 😦 This sucks but you’re doing the right thing! I have definitely pushed beyond my limit when I first started running. The most I had run around that time was 3 miles. One weekend I decided to try 5. The next I did 10. Stupid, stupid girl. Lol, I ended up running too many mile too quickly and had to take a break because of foot pain.

  6. Good for you for listening to your body. I’ve recently been reflecting on the importance of rest, because I really struggle to do it. But life is long, and in the grand scheme of things, 2 days, or a week or two weeks is really a blip. And everything we do – whether it’s working or working out or hanging with friends – takes energy and we have to respect that our bodies only have so much energy to give. Someone recently explained that to me and it was pretty eye opening for me.

  7. hehe, I like how two days is a big break for you. I guess when you make running a regular habit it feels weird to get out of it. I do think its smart to take a break when your under the weather though and hope you feel better soon 🙂

  8. I went for my first cold weather run last week and my throat still feels like it’s swallowing shards of ice. I’ll be listening to my body too and only doing that in the gym from now until March! 🙂

  9. After the 2010 Portland Marathon I took a loooooong time off of running. I had done so much running from the 2009 marathon to the 2010 marathon that aft wards I wanted nothing more than to toss my running shoes into a closet and take a long nap. I can’t remember how long it was before I started running again, but it was definitely a bit of time. The break felt nice and also taught me that it’s ok to take time off sometime just because you need the break mentally. 🙂

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