Healthy Holiday Tips

Thanksgiving is absolutely one of my favorite Holiday’s of the year.  Next to my birthday and Maybe Christmas ;).  Any holiday that involved lots of good foods, family, dessert and time off work is A-OK in my book.

We all know I don’t need a holiday to make an excuse to indulge in desserts (hello), but just like everyone else, I need to keep myself in check during the holiday season to not COMPLETELY go overboard.

So, I thought it might be helpful/fun to share some of MY tips to a healthier, and happy holiday season :).



Healthy Holiday Tips!

1.  Be Prepared

  • For me, the holiday is about family and appreciating that time we have together.  Thankfully my in laws are crazy active like me, so I know we’ll fit in some sweat, but I don’t want to have to schedule or prioritize exercise OVER family time.  So, in order to start the holiday off on a healthy foot, I am front loading my week BEFORE leaving for vacation with exercise. Monday and Tuesday I am prioritizing healthy eating and exercise, so that I feel good going into the holiday.  And of course, anything I do over the holiday is bonus!

2. Hydrate

  • This one is super simple, but also super important.  DRINK WATER.  H20 people!  Especially if you are traveling, planes = dehydration plain and simple (pun, ha).  Water will also help you regulate your hunger, and help to distinguish between hunger cues vs. thirst cues.  I plan on constantly having water around at all times this holiday, constantly sipping, to help keeping my body flushed and running well 🙂

3. Give yourself permission

  • My plan for this weekend is to never OVER INDULGE, but to constantly allow for indulgences when they are available.  There are a ton of yummies that are going to be available to me this weekend that aren’t normally.  I don’t want to keep myself from enjoying them until Friday and then all of a sudden binge because I’ve been driving myself crazy skipping the good stuff.  Having a glass of wine with the family, enjoying a piece of pie for dessert, indulging in some cheese and crackers BEFORE dinner, all OK.  Just balance it out, and do it in MODERATION.  I don’t want to deprive myself this weekend, I want to give myself permission to indulge within moderation

4. Make exercise FUN

  • Hello Turkey Trot!  I swear every town has a Turkey trot  — and they aren’t competitive or serious, they’re for everyone and they’re fun.  And this is just one way to enjoy exercise.  Take walks with Grandma who you don’t get to see very often.  Take the little ones to the park to run out their (and your) energy for awhile. Take a yoga class with your MIL.  Run with your bro and sister.  Get the exercise in, but keep it enjoyable and include the family  so it’ll actually happen 🙂

5.  Offer to help!

  • If you are a bit of a control freak like me, you like to know what you’re doing, eating, seeing, etc. ha.  Well if you want to eat a little healthier, offer to bring healthy dishes, or offer to HELP find recipes or ways to healthify your normal Thanksgiving meal staples.   Applesauce = great substitute for butter.   Complex carbs vs. white bread.  Load up on fresh or roasted veggies.   If YOU help make the dishes, you know what’s in them and can make them healthy options!

And these my friends, are just a few easy tips to keep from tippin’ the scale this holiday season!

Question of the Afternoon:  What are your healthy holiday tips?

25 thoughts on “Healthy Holiday Tips

  1. These are great tips! I like the front loading your workouts for the week. I know it’s important to be healthy, but I also don’t like to miss out on family time, so I try to get my workouts in early during the holidays or not freak out if I have to miss a day.

  2. Great post Ashley! I love these tips. I’m pretty good about not over indulging during the holidays. I guess that’s because I’m a control freak too. I think the best tip you’ve got on there is hydration. That has made such a huge difference in how I feel and of course, my portion sizes. I make a point to drink at least 3 glasses of water before each meal. I eat much much less and feel completely satisfied. Thanks for sharing 😀

  3. LOVEEEE!! It’s so hard to NOT over indulge during the holidays…My rule is basically the same as yours- everything in moderation. If you want to try ALL the desserts, go for it but take tiny slivers of each (equaling 1 normal piece). If you tell yourself that you can’t have anything unhealthy all weekend, you’re more likely to slip up and overindulge at the end…

  4. Great tips! I especially like the idea of giving yourself permission — I tend to have an “all or nothing” mentality, e.g. if I have one treat, I think my diet is shot so I should have all the treats. Indulging without overindulging will be a good challenge for me. Thanks!

  5. I love giving yourself permission- I feel like when I tell myself “no” I always end up overindulging instead. Also Turkey Trots- I’m signed up for one plus I feel like races keep me accountable!

  6. I love the ” never OVER INDULGE, but to constantly allow for indulgences”. If you allow yourself some then you won’t overeat and feel terrible.
    I don’t have any specific plans for holidays when it comes to eating/exercising…I try to keep up my same routine as much as possible.

  7. My healthy tip is to eat like any other day of the year (as long as it’s a standard healthy diet). I don’t make excuses such as, “It’s thanksgiving, it’s ok to stuff yourself today.” I tend to stick to foods I like and keep telling myself that sugar just does not like my body, so eating too much will only cause issues with feeling terrible. 🙂

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