Happy Thanksgiving Week and Workout Plan

Happy Thanksgiving Monday everyone 🙂

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Zach and I are headed to North Carolina to spend the holiday with his family tomorrow afternoon and I could not be more excited! Just 1.5 days to get through and we’re on our way to good eats, family and fun!

This Morning

I swear my alarm changed itself last night.  Seriously.  Before I went to bed, I set it to 6 AM so that I would have plenty of time to snooze for a few before getting up for a run.

Welp, my alarm went off and I didn’t even look at it, assuming it was 6 AM. I let it snooze for a few minutes, and realized my alarm was set for 613?!  How random is that?

I ended up getting out of bed around 628 and hurrying myself to the gym.  I managed to squeeze in 4 miles before work which was fine-by-me.

Workout of the Day:  4 speed miles on the treadmill

Looked like this:

  • 1 mile warm up (930 pace)
  • 6 X 400’s at 8.0-8.3 pace with 400 recovery in between
  • Total of 4 miles.



I’ve got some SPEEDY in laws (I know I’ve chatted about this before) — like elite runner brothers, BQ father in law, speedy sister in law, etc etc, so I am fully expected to get my butt handed to me at some point this weekend.

I have thought about how I want to plan out this weekend, and when it comes down to it, I don’t want to.

This weekend is the first holiday that all of the Jara clan has been together like this.   All the kids, their spouses, etc.  It’s something I want to enjoy…and let’s face it, they’re all health freaks, so we’ll fit stuff in :).  Here is my “plan/goals”

Workout Plan Of the Week:

  • Monday: 4 speed miles on the treadmill/ strength
  • Tuesday: 4 recovery miles
  • Wednesday-Saturday: ENJOY FAMILY,  3 runs of any distance, 1-2 yoga classes with MIL.
  • Sunday: Run in Denver

Question of the Morning:  How are you switching up your routine for Thanksgiving?  Are you working out MORE, Less, the same?

34 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving Week and Workout Plan

  1. I ALWAYS have to wake up at a random time. The alarm is never set at 6:00 on the dot-today was 6:11, sometimes it’s 6:33, whatever. And I can’t snooze either, once I wake up even if I try to snooze I’m just laying there awake, knowing that it’ll go off again in a few minutes.

    Have a GREAT Thanksgiving! This is the first year we’re not seeing any family, and it’s going to be a little tough on me but I’ll also have a great time with our friends (who are like family).

  2. I’m not really switching up my routine this week – just making sure I do my typical workouts. This morning my spin class had four teachers (which was AWESOME!) They each did two seven-minute segments. It was a great workout to start the holiday week 🙂 I also have a turkey trot run on Thanksgiving morning!

  3. Since I’m just having a small family Thanksgiving at home the workouts will probably stay the same, just need to make sure to get in my workout on thursday morning before all the crazy cooking starts 🙂

  4. Where in NC?! I’m hoping to kick it up a little bit, I’ve been lazy (I like to claim “cautious”) since my half in the beginning of the month but have a 8k Thursday and a 10 in two weeks!

  5. I’m going to keep the workouts the same, except I don’t know how much time I’ll have on Thanksgiving itself. I might get in a short session, but I won’t cry if I don’t. Have a great Thanksgiving week!

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