WIAW – What I Ate Wednesday

Man I love food.   Wednesday has become one of my favorite afternoons because I get to look at everybody’s delicious eats from the week :).

So without further adieu, here are my favorite eats from the week for WIAW.   As always thanks to Jenn from peasandcrayons.


DSCN1421 DSCN1418

I know it doesn’t LOOK very breakfasty (more brunch), but my meal at Birtchwood Kitchen was a highlight for the week, not just breakfast.  The turkey was NOT your average deli meat turkey, the bacon perfectly done, and the spreads on the bread?  Forget about it 🙂


DSCN1388 DSCN1396

I’m going to say that my brunch was ALSO my favorite lunch…so I’ll just leave it to snacks for this portion :).  While traveling this weekend Zach and I got to take advantage of his frequent flier status and hang out in the AA lounge…man that makes traveling easier :).  I LOVED the fresh fruit and veggies, snacks and espresso they had!


DSC_0461 DSC_0460

Oh man last nights salmon and salad dinner was a SERIOUS winner!  Healthy and completely satisfying after a cool dark run.



I have been LIVING off these gluten free Pumpkin cookies lately.  Which is probably not a GREAT thing because they are HUGE, but so delicious.

Man I had some good eats this week 🙂

Question of the Afternoon:  What is your ultimate favorite TREAT? Cookies? Cake? 


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19 thoughts on “WIAW – What I Ate Wednesday

  1. That salmon looks great!
    Unfortunately since I am not able to run right now, I don’t feel as though I deserve any treats 😦 But when I do go for a special treat on cheat meal day, it’s Helluva Good French Onion dip. Luckily only a few stores sell it here, and usually I can avoid stopping in, because I know if I do, I’m gonna leave with a tub…or two.

  2. That’s a super hard decision- cookies or cake?? Why must you make me think so hard 😉 I’ll choose frozen yogurt with a side of a snickerdoodle cookie, plus maybe a piece of cake with delicious frosting. All about the frosting. #fattyfatty

  3. Hmm cookies or cake… It all depends. I will always say cake if it has the right kind of frosting and lots of it! Normally I wouldn’t say cookies unless it’s straight-up cookie dough. Uh oh, do you notice a pattern here? It’s like I want the “parts” of the food but not the final product. I am so weird!

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