Chicago LOVE Recap: Brunch Spots

Zach and I love weekend brunches.  Especially in Chicago, it was one of our favorite times of the week.  We’d sleep in, normally get a quick work out in, then head out to a great, slow and leisurely brunch.

Chicago has so many great brunch stops, and when we were thinking about our must-do’s for the weekend, stopping by some of our old neighborhood favorites for brunch was top on the list.

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Birchwood Cafe

Birchwood cafe is a little spot on North Avenue near Oakley/Bell that just screams home.  If you’re going to brunch, there is likely going to be a bit of a wait, but trust me it’s totally worth it.

When you walk in Birchwood, one of the staff (they were the same as when we lived there, tells ya it’s a good place) hands you a menu and lets you know what to expect for wait.

When your table is ready, you actually head up to the counter to place your order, let them know what table number you are, and then they bring you the food.  Super easy, and actually super efficient.


Zach and I have gone for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner and are NEVER disapointed.   I remember the first time I went there with my parents, the owner was chatting with us and once he found out I was new to the neighborhood, FORCED me to take home a piece of their chocolate banana cake.  That’s my kind of place :).

For my brunch this visit, I went with the club and fresh fruit.



The sandwich was not the huge double decker I’m used to seeing for a club.  It was a well portioned, turkey club with homemade mayo, bacon, bread and veggies.  Seriously, Birchwood uses local ingredients and you can TELL in the quality of their food.



I couldn’t go to Birchwood without getting a treat, so I picked up a lemon bar to go — best.decision.ever.



Since the weather was crappy they didn’t have their seating out on their back patio, but we were able to hang out there while we waited.  There have been many date nights spent out on that patio.

Did I mention Birchwood was BYOB also?  Oh yeah…that deck, good food, and a cheap bottle of wine.  My kinda date night.

Please, if your in Chicago, I cannot recommend Birchwood more!


On Sunday  morning, Zach and I met some friends at a spot that has MANY memories for us, Jane’s.

Zach and I were introduced to Jane’s via Groupon, and went back MANY times after.  Unfortunately, since we were with friends this time I didn’t take many pictures, but PLEASE check out their website.

Their food is also locally sourced, HIGH quality, beautiful and perfectly prepared.  Every time we went to Jane’s we felt like we were spoiling ourselves, but without the HUGE price point.

Jane’s also has great specials and deals, including a BYOB night AND half price wine night.

Jane’s is in a refurbished old house, and when you visit them you feel like you are in someone’s home.  It truly is a great experience, and one that we will be sure to make a priority every time we visit Chicago.

Some special nights we’ve spent at Jane’s:

  • multiple birthdays
  • engagement celebrations
  • anniversaries
  • special date nights

My friends, Chicago really does have SUCH an amazing food scene and these are just a few of our favorites.   If you go and check either of them out, please let me know 🙂

Question of the Afternoon:  What’s your favorite brunch spot/meal?

23 thoughts on “Chicago LOVE Recap: Brunch Spots

  1. Our favourite place to eat is about an hour away from us, called “The Wooden Monkey”. They have lots of vegan options and local foods, good drinks and a great atmosphere! We went for our small wedding reception for dinner, birthdays and anniversary’s too 🙂

  2. Umm lemon bar to go. I’m fairly certain you should be making all of my life decisions from now on. Kyle and I don’t go to brunch very often. Not sure why because I love brunch <– another reason why you should be making my decisions because clearly logic is not on my side. We do occasionally get a groupon to a local place called Xenia. For $19 you get 2 entrees and 2 mimosas 🙂 I also like it cause I can walk/run there.

    • Ummm that sounds AWESOME! And unfortunately we don’t go to brunch NEARLY enough in Denver…but I think part of that is I was training all Summer (weird hours and eating on long run days) and during the winter we ski a lot. But it is our favorite when we squeeze it in 🙂

  3. There’s a cute cafe by my work called Le Petite – family owned – soup and sandwich kind of place that I adore plus the food is delish!! Chicago looked awesome – I ALWAYS say this, but I want to go back!!!

  4. I’ve never been to Chicago before, though a good friend who’s been multiple times, and loves it, keeps telling me I should. Maybe one day! Any cultural spots you recommend?

  5. ahhh, brunch. is there any better meal? i think not. just the idea of it even transcends the reality, half the time. but both are wonderful. 🙂 glad you had fun!

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