My Kinda Relaxing

I’m glad you all liked the guest post from earlier!  I was so excited to connect you all  with a friend from the blogging community!  I am endlessly impressed, inspired, and excited by all of you bloggers out there.

Just FYI, if anyone else is interested in doing some guest blogging for each other, you just let me know 🙂

As is the case with every Thursday, I got home late this evening ready to get into sweats,  eat dinner, watch hockey/football (GO BLUES), and relax.


Apparently Gus had the same ideas.



We did have to take a little time away from relaxing to prepare for our 3 day weekend. . . .but I’m pretty much an expert packer so before I knew it my stuff was packed and I was in pure relax mode for the evening.

Chicken and roasted veggies on the menu for dinner tonight


With an amazing sweet ending.



I’ve got a VERY early wake up call in the morning.  So I am going to leave you all with that.

See you in the AM 🙂

Question of the Night:  Do you pack early or right before you leave?

11 thoughts on “My Kinda Relaxing

  1. I’ve always liked to pack early and make lists for those last minute things. With two little one’s and pack really early and pack my car the night before. Mind you, I’m usually travelling by myself with both girls to visit my husband.

  2. Nice blog! Is that a gluten free cookie I see? 🙂 I always pack the day before but it takes me way too long, and I ALWAYS forget something stupid (like a toothbrush).

  3. I always plan to pack early, usually ends up being right before. Bleh. If you ever want me to share anything with your blog readers, let me know! I can be inspiring or I can work blue, whatever you need. haha!

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