I’ve Lost It, Oh There It Is

Good Morning everyone, and hope everyone has had a good start to their Tuesday!

I got ready quicker than anticipated this morning and was planning on doing my post from home, but unfortunately couldn’t find my camera cord.  I looked for it for about 10 minutes (wasting the extra time I had, obviously) before I gave up and finished getting ready.

THEN I decided I had a few more places to look (under our HUGE couch, dump my purse, etc), still no luck.

I finally gave in and did my Piper’s 30 day Thigh Challenge

Then on my way to work, I found my camera cord in the car cup holder.  How in God’s name it got there, I have no idea…but it is like it was just placed there.

Anywho…that’s my odd story for the morning :).

Work Out of the Day: 3.5 mile speed work

The work out looked like this:

  • 10 minutes easy effort (6.1-6.3)
  • 5 rounds of 2 minutes @ 7.5-7.7, 1 minute @ 6.0
  • 2 rounds of 2 minutes 6.2, 1 minute 8
  • Until I finished at 31:03 for 3.5 miles

Picture 001

That’s right guys, a treadmill shot!  Haven’t had one of those in awhile 😉

Picture 002

Or a greaseball post run shot. . . unfortunately there were a few people in my gym and I totally felt like a creeper taking a selfie, so I took it upstairs to out bathroom. Hence the spectacular lighting.

And of course, as mentioned, I followed it up with the 30 day thigh challenge.  Today included:

  • 15 lateral lunges with weights
  • 30 scissors
  • 12 fire hydrants
  • 12 pile squat pules

My legs are sore at even the THOUGHT of a squat today. . . so this was tough, but thankfully quick.

Pile On The Miles:


After this morning’s run I’m officially at 21.5 miles the month of November, so 78.5 miles to go!

And now, I just have to get through the work day and ZACH COMES HOME TONIGHT! YAY!

Question of the day:  Have you ever lost something then have it mysteriously turn up?


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17 thoughts on “I’ve Lost It, Oh There It Is

  1. Haha yes! I’ll do stuff like put my phone down in a random spot and lose it for a bit because it’s on silent. I’ve found it in the bathroom closet (obviously), random bookshelves, in a laundry basket, etc. It’s usually when I’m doing something else and set it down in a weird spot…

  2. My worst thing to lose and reappear was my curling wand- I of course bought the same one, used it, threw away the receipts and then found the old one so now I have two of the exact same curling wands

  3. I lose things ALL the time and then later they mysteriously show up… or I find them after searching for 30 or so minutes. I feel like over the past couple years I’ve done better at having a designated place for my car keys (the main thing I lose) but it could still use improvement.

    You know what I NEVER lose? My running sport band. 🙂

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