Workout Plan For the Week

Good Morning and Happy Monday all!


I’ve never been so happy for a Monday. . . and really I’m just excited because that means my boy comes back tomorrow and is done with his 4 weeks of crazy traveling.

I made it!  Although it was touch and go for a bit there when the Lifetime Movies starting slipping in.  Scary.

This Morning

I went through my travel WODS last night with a goal of picking out a WOD that would be long and challenging enough to cash me on it’s own.

Talk about success.

This mornings WOD including

  • 10 minutes running warm up
  • 100 push ups
  • 200 sit ups
  • 300 squats
  • 5 minutes running

All for time.

I’m going to be honest, I was a little concerned I would not be doing this one as prescribed.  Talk about biting off a bit more than I could chew…But I woke up this morning well rested (thank you time change) and confident that I was going to give it all I had.

The 10 minute warm up was easy and just enough to get the blood pumping and my body warm in a cold gym.

I started the second series (push ups, sit ups and squats) by doing 30 of each exercise.  My thoughts were I would get a chunk out of the way, then divide it into smaller bunches.

I then did sets of 20 of each exercise in the series, until I had only 10 left for push ups.  I was really impressed that I never dropped to my knees or really broke form.   The push ups were what I was most concerned about.

Then when I got to only sit ups and squats left, I started doing 20 sit ups, and 2 sets of 20 squats so that the two would end together.

When I finished, I’d never been so happy to jump on the treadmill.   I really don’t know what was most challenging, it all was.  But I finished feeling like I had gotten a great, full body work out in for the day.

I am LOVING these WODS!

Workout Plan For the Week

  • Monday: Full body WOD
  • Tuesday: 3.5 miles, speed work
  • Wednesday: Full body WOD or cross training on the bike
  • Thursday:  3.5 miles, outdoors or speedwork
  • Friday: YOGA/REST
  • Saturday: Short run and skiing (likely)
  • Sunday: 5 miles and short bike ride

Now that we are into ski season, my schedule, specifically for the weekends, is going to have to be a little more flexible.  Zach is QUITE the powder hound, and will go to the mountain at the sight of even a single snow flake (You know it’s true babe)…so I have to be able to move things around accordingly.  He puts up with my running craziness all the other 3 seasons, so he’s earned it).

That’s it, that’s my plan all.

28 thoughts on “Workout Plan For the Week

  1. Man, you’re such a beast! I know I could NOT currently do 100 push-ups. I did, however, tell myself that during the thigh challenge I would do push-ups every day. So far this has not happened, but I think I have to now…

  2. I like the idea of these WODs, I feel like that’s something I can squeeze in after a long 12 hour shift. I’m going to start doing these! (I may need motivation/reminders sometimes tho 😉 ) and I love seeing your post race schedule, doing more want you want to do and what your body wants. You rock!

    • Oh yeah — this lady is done with racing for the season. Which means I need to ACT like I’m done with racing so my body can heal. I love that I can long distance legs currently, but I’m not built to hold that for so long.
      And you just let me know when you need motivation, I’m really loving these quick workouts. Although todays, between the runs and exercises, took about 40 minutes.

    • I need to get to a box to check my form if I keep doing these little WODs. I really TRY and be strict on myself for form, but there’s only so much I can do myself…and I do NOT want an injury.
      And as far as push ups go, it pays to be 5′ and tiny. If I were a normal person, they’d be much more challenging I’m sure lol.

  3. I love all the wod’s you’ve been doing lately, it just goes to show you can get in a great workout using a couple of simple but effective moves

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