It’s Official. . . and My Kinda Panera

I watched a Lifetime movie today.


Yes…it’s official.  Zach needs to get his butt home.  I’m resorting to drastic measures here around the house.

I enjoyed an apple fritter with my Lifetime movie

DSC_0255 DSC_0254

(that one’s a blueberry one, but you get the picture).

It’s a beautiful day here in Denver so I enjoyed a relaxing afternoon with the doors and windows open . . . until the early sunset.

As an early riser I really appreciated the sunrise by 7AM today . . . but I am still deciding whether or not it’s worth the shortened afternoons.  I think I’m leaning towards not worth it.  I already go to bed early, I don’t need the sun convincing me I should go to bed earlier!

My kinda Panera

I mentioned earlier in the week how I had been craving Panera.  Zach and I have gift cards, and for whatever reason I have been wanting it all week.  Well today, I finally fulfilled my Panera craving.

I ordered a you pick two with a Caesar salad and broccoli and cheddar soup, and whole grain baugette side.


Unfortunately, I’m a hungry lady, and the measly proportions weren’t doing it for me today (come on Panera!)

So. . . I bulked up my salad with a few extra greens and the left over chicken I had from the week.


Much better.

THAT is my kind of Panera.  I think mine looks better than what you get in the store, personally.


November Challenges

Pile on the Miles


4.33 miles between my 5k and afternoon walk with Gus 🙂 If were keeping track, thats

16.46 miles.  Not too shabby, but I’ve gotta stay on the move if I want to reach 100 🙂

Piper’s  Challenge

And I also completed day three of Piper’s 30 day thigh challenge.  Today included:

  • 10 lateral lunges
  • 20 scissors
  • 10 fire hydrants
  • 10 pile squat pulses

This challenge is alright so far…but as Piper and I talked about today, it’s going to get intense.

And just like that yall, another weekend in the books.

Thank goodness I have a delicious treat to soften the blow of the looming Monday! 🙂


Question of the Evening: Do you like the time change?

19 thoughts on “It’s Official. . . and My Kinda Panera

  1. Part of what I like with Panera’s choose 2 menu is the small portion sizes. Makes it easier to make a healthy choice. Then again it’s difficult when you’re staring at all the yummy sweet foods like their scones.
    Every once and a while it’s fun to watch a Lifetime movie.

  2. the main problem I have with the time change, is it only makes a difference for about 1 month then the mornings are dark anyway. But we are now back on GMT over here so in my head the time is back to where it should be…British summer time always feels a bit like cheating (as well as being something of an oxymoron!)
    It doesn’t really affect the time I go to bed, I always go to bed late (11-12 pm) even if I have to get up at 5:30…no wonder I am sleepy a lot!

  3. Speaking of Lifetime… I’ve been watching a new show on there called “Witches of East End”. It’s very funny because it’s like “Charmed” all grown up with daughters instead of sons… 🙂

    The time change was AWESOME, it gave me extra vacation time this weekend!

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Panera. Will have to look into it.
    I did enjoy this time change – extra sleep was muuuuuch needed. And maybe I’ll get some sunlight for my early runs now!

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