Happy November Workout Round Up

Happy November 1 everyone! 🙂


I know I say this all the time, but how is it even possible that we are already so close to 2014?  2013 — slow down!  Let us enjoy your last two months please!

November Challenge 



I joined in on Monica’s challenge during the month of November, Pile on the Miles.  In an attempt to motivate myself and everyone else to keep moving during this holiday season.

I made a LARGE goal of 100 miles, but it includes walking AND running…so Gusman may be a few extra long walks this morning to help keep those miles moving 🙂

Who’s gonna join me?

Workout Round Up

I’m pretty happy with how I stood true to my work out schedule this week.  It certainly wasn’t anything crazy, being the week after my race, but I completed each workout and even added a few little things here and there!

Here was my plan for the week:

  • Monday: Long walks with the furball and YOGA at home
  • Tuesday: 30 minutes bike and YOGA
  • Wednesday: 5k shake out run
  • Thursday: 5k shake out run
  • Friday: YOGA and rest
  • Saturday:  10k run
  • Sunday: Recovery — whatever’s needed.

And here’s how it shaped out:

  • Monday: 6 miles of walking with Gus and 45 minutes home yoga
  • Tuesday: 30 minutes bike, 15 minutes strength and stress relief yoga
  • Wednesday: 5k shake out run, plank work, and Yoga for runners
  • Thursday: 5k Speed work + plank work + new Travel WOD’s
  • Friday: YOGA and rest
  • Saturday: 10k run
  • Sunday: Recovery — whatever my body needs

Italicized because it’s still to be completed

I am actually really sore today, thanks to the speed work and travel WODS (hello muscle aches in SUCH A GOOD WAY). . .so I woke up this morning craving some YOGA.

Workout of the Morning: Seated Hatha YOGA.

My body is still a bit achy, but I have a hot date with my hot tub tonight, and possibly a walk with the Furball if it’s nice out when I get home.  Gotta stretch out and repair!

I’ll be back later today with my Friday Favorites 🙂

Question of the Morning: Any fun/funny Halloween stories?

20 thoughts on “Happy November Workout Round Up

  1. I joined the challenge too! I lowballed myself with my goal, but I’m hoping to crush it. As a fellow runner, I’m impressed how well you incorporate yoga into your workouts. I constantly feel the “I’m not sweating/burning enough calories/working hard enough” craziness in my brain when I try to take a yoga class and it never has the right effect on me. Have a great 10k tomorrow!

  2. I saw Monica’s challenge too and really wanted to do it! However, I decided that because I am training for my half IN November, it was best not to. I don’t want to mess up my training schedule just so I can get x number of miles in…Next time though!

  3. I’m totally up for a challenge! Great motivation 😀 I’ll give 75 miles a go!

    I’ve been toying with the idea of trying yoga – but there are so many kinds to choose from! What stuff do you find works best for you?

    • As a runner, there are GREAT “yoga for runners” videos on youtube. Otherwise it all depends on my mood really! I try and use yoga as my time to calm my mind and stretch out my worn out muscles, nothing to extreme anymore…although I used to LOVE hot yoga!

  4. Funny you should be doing that challenge, I’ve been looking at my monthly mileage as my training has been kicking in. November I ran 130! I was planning on blogging about it today.
    As for funny halloween stories, I have one about my Colonel Sanders costume, but it’s very long.
    Keep up the good work!

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