Introducing. . . And My Favorite Halloween

Nobody guessed what my errand was this morning.  I’m such a sneaky one!

fgdmv dmv


This morning I had to go to the Colorado Department of Revenue to get my new Colorado license.

Can I tell you all a secret?  I’ve still had my Illinois license up to this point.  I didn’t want to change it when we moved here, just to have to do it again when I changed my name, so I played a risky game and waited.  Let’s keep this between you and I, because I am sure I can get in trouble.  But needless to say, upps.

I got to the DMV about 845 this morning and was done by 915.  Fairly easy, minus a few issues with my finger prints and photo (I have bad finger prints, I’ve been told this for YEARS when I get background checks done for work.  Apparently I have shallow grooves.  Thanks Mom and Dad ;))

While the DMV was quick and easy, there was one issue that I noticed AFTER the fact that has me a wee bit concerned.

When I changed my name with Social Security earlier in the week, I changed it to Ashley Abbett Jara.   Keeping my maiden name as my middle name.

I used my Birth certificate as ID this morning at the DMV, which shows Ashley Nichole Abbett.  Well I guess the lady who was processing my paperwork use THAT and not my paperwork from Social Security, because sure enough my Temp ID (In Colorado you get a paper temp ID right away, and then your ID is sent in the mail within 30 days), it says Ashley Nichole Jara.

Now I know there are plenty of people who have multiple middle names, so I am not making a huge deal out of this…but I am curious if anyone else has experience with this.  So, legally, I will be Ashley Abbett Jara, but my ID states my previous/other “middle” name, Nichole.   Will there be a time where this becomes an issue?

Zach and I spoke about it this morning and ultimately figured it wouldn’t be a huge issue, but plan to make sure my passport specifically says Ashley Abbett Jara when I change it after our honeymoon.   But I am curious if you all have any thoughts on the matter…

Favorite Halloween Memory

I’m not dressing up for Halloween this year unfortunately (but I have LOVED seeing everyone’s pictures!), but I wanted to try and get into the spirit so I started thinking back on previous Halloweens and my favorite moments from them.

I would have to say my favorite Halloween is probably Zach and I’s first one together.



True Blood was HUGE at the time, so we dressed up as Sookie and Bill, the two main characters of the show.  We’d only been together about 6 months at the time, but I remember LOVING having someone that I could do a couples costume with!  I had never done a couples costume before, or a homemade costume for that matter, so I had a blast with this one.  Not to mention, I had a pretty great time as a new girlfriend pointing to my costumes better half all night ;).

For my costume, I just bought a plain white tee, a small thing of green fabric, and fabric paint and glue.  I wore a pair of black shorts and sneakers I already owned, then just put my hair in a curly side ponytail, similar to Sookies.  Easy, cheap, and comfortable!


Question of the Afternoon:  What’s your favorite Halloween memory?  Ever done a couple costume?


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14 thoughts on “Introducing. . . And My Favorite Halloween

  1. My favorite Halloween memory so far was last year. Dan and I traveled from Atlanta to Chicago and returned to UofI (college were I did my exchange program and I met him a couple years ago) as graduates to celebrate with some of our friends who were still studying there. I dressed up as a goddess and he was a Roman/gladiator guy. We matched pretty well and I loved it! There were several parties around campus and we had to walk from one apt to another. Dan was almost naked (just wore a skirt, sandals, a sword and a shield), so he panicked every time we had to go out to the next party haha!

  2. @TheWelshWookie and I once dressed up as Harry Potter and Hermione Granger… not quite a couples costume, but the closest I’ve done! 😉

  3. I changed my last name and was hoping to give my maiden name to our boy…but we have two girls. I like that you still have your maiden name as your middle name.
    I’ve never done a couples costume but would love to someday. As a kid I remember FILLING pillow cases with candy – pretty crazy and now that I think about it…so greedy.
    Happy Halloween Ashley Abbett Jara 🙂

  4. Haha oh no!!! I’m not a great person to ask about the name changing stuff since I haven’t experienced that…and that’s too funny about your shallow grooves haha.

    LOVE that Halloween costume! I remember getting super excited about our first Halloween together! We didn’t actually dress up together for another year, but we went as Pam and Jim from The Office (the only thing we could do last minute). He doesn’t get very excited about Halloween so it’s not easy for this girl!

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