Happy Halloween!

Happy Thursday Morning all, but more important, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!



Where I grew up in Southern Illinois, we trick-or-treated on October 30, the night before Halloween (for whatever reason, I’m not really sure).  Did anyone else ever trick-or-treat on a day besides Halloween?

My apartment building is throwing a little party in our main lobby to celebrate, but thanks to Zach and I’s crazy schedules resulting in to even THOUGHTS of costumes, and the fact that Thursdays are my late nights, I am going to have to skip it.  Whomp whomp.

Does anyone out there have any Halloween plans?  Parties?  Trick or treating with the kiddos?  Trick or treating yourself and trying to pass for a kiddo (That sounds like a great idea.  I’m 5′ tall, I guarantee I could get away with this).

This Morning

My bed was EXTRA cozy this morning, and from 6 to 630 I spent my time justifying running AFTER work instead of before work.  I had all kinds of reasonings:

  • I’ve got an errand to run before work
  • I always run stronger after work, I’m more pumped
  • If it’s a long day, I’ll want to run

etc etc…but no excuse was a good excuse so I pulled my butt out of bed for a fairly speedy, but good workout

Workout of the Day:  30 minutes treadmill run with 4 intervals of 2 minute speed bursts, 1 minute recovery + 4 minute plank cool down

I did 10 minute warm up between 6.2 and 6.3 easy on the treadmill.  Then for the next 12 minutes I cycled between 8.0 for 2 minutes, and 6.0 for one minute.  Once I was done with my fourth round, I eased it into the 5k mark, then walked it out until I hit 30 minutes.  It ended up being 3.25 miles total.

You better believe Fall Out Boy got me through those speed intervals, on repeat.  Then I spent some time with Miley and her Wrecking Ball during my plank.

I need new taste in music.

And now — time to hurry and finish getting ready.  I have another exciting errand to run before I get to work this morning, so I’ve got to get to it.

A hint:  My errand this morning has something to do with what I did Monday during my day off (I posted about it).

Can anyone guess what it is??

Quesiton of the Day:  Can anyone guess what my errand is?  OR Any halloween plans?

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21 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. No Halloween plans here as I’m not a big Halloween person. Though I have been told I may have a couple adorable trick-or-treaters and I’m very excited [Friend’s kids]!!!

  2. Are you getting your Ashley Jara Drivers license?? 🙂
    I’m hoping to cuddle up with Zach and the fur babies, pass out candy and watch scary movies tonight! (after work, of course)

  3. Hahaha I am not ashamed to admit that I totally love Wrecking Ball. Miley may be cray cray, but she makes some decent guilty pleasure music!

    We might reprise our Blurred Lines costumes tonight, but I’m a little leery because the high (and low) temp has dropped a good 15 degrees from the weekend. Might just be a good night to stay in and watch a movie with a pumpkin beer! Happy Halloween!

  4. My plan for Halloween is to take the LA public transportation for the first time (which will be a miserable experience), go to see the largest Halloween parade in the world and get myself lost among thousands of dress-up people. I read is pure crazyness, I don’t know how I’m gonna wake up tomorrow and go to work…haha. Happy Halloween Ashley!!

  5. I always remember trick-or-treating on the night before Halloween too! I’m not sure why it is tonight in my town? Actually, I think all over Columbus is tonight! Weird. Also, I had similar justification this morning. I ended up getting in an hour cardio session when allow as said and done but it took me over an hour laying in bed, coming up with excuses before I actually got up! 🙂 Happy Halloween!

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