A New Obsession?

Almost the weekend again.  And I couldn’t be more excited :).

We got let out a little early from work tonight, which is always SO nice.  Especially on our late days.  Thank you, Halloween!

Dinner tonight was a repeat of Monday nights dinner:

DSC_0375 DSC_0374

A layered bowl dish.

Greens dressed with lemon juice and sriracha.  Topped with a quinoa served with hazelnuts and dried fruit, and roasted broccoli, onions and chicken.  All dressed in a peanut dressing.

Delish and could not be more simple.

My New Obsession


I spoke to you all both pre and post race about how I wanted to shift my focus a little bit after having trained for so many months between my two halves.

I have big racing goals for my future, but I find that it is important to BALANCE my life in every element, including exercise.

This afternoon I was feeling a little blah.  WARNING GIRLY MOMENT: I was having a bit of a fat day…and just couldn’t shake off this feeling of general BLAH.

I was speaking to my neighbors last night about Crossfit and different WODs (Work out of the day).  They have always said I’d love it, but last night I got really excited about the potential. Now I fully understand that it is a HUGE financial investment, and one that I am not ready yet to take.  BUT, they told me you can find all kinds of WODs and work outs online.  So this afternoon, feeling blah, I did just that.

I found this website, website that had 100 travel WOD’s on it.  WIthin a minute, I was inspired to try one during my lunch.

I went on a quick walk, to get some fresh air, and then completed my first, easy in comparison, WOD.

6 reps of for time

  • 10 sit ups
  • 10 push ups
  • 10 squats

Sounds easy enough, right?

Well I finished a little sweaty and feeling a hundred times better about myself.

Afterwords, I tweeted about the difference a quick workout can make in our overall sense of self and wellbeing.

The first thing I did after my break was look into other WODs I could easily do from home.  And of course, after walking the dog and prepping dinner, I just HAD to try another.

10 reps for time:

  • 10 burpees
  • 10 sit ups

Phew.  This one got me, but in all the best ways.   I have a feeling these little work outs are going to become regular in my routine.  There are also a ton of running incorporated WODs, which you know I am excited about trying ASAP!

Alright guys, time to sit down with a movie and eat that Halloween candy that I have resisted all day.  I have some time to make up for here 😉

Question of the Night:  Ever tried a WOD or been interested in trying?


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27 thoughts on “A New Obsession?

  1. I’ve wanted to do crossfit for quite some time, but it’s just so expensive. I know this is what I would need though to cut fat, since it doesn’t go anywhere from eating healthy and exercising regularly. I think I need those type of workouts crossfit offers. I occasionally see groupons for facilities, but they’re still spendy.

  2. YAY! Obviously, I heart Crossfit. Excited to see you trying the travel WODs. Those are the ones that I like the best too as they are in my wheelhouse. Bodyweight movements make me happy.

    Another site to check out for quick, at home workouts is the Daily HIIT (previously bodyrock.tv) at http://www.dailyhiit.com/. They do lots of fun routines and the instructor Lisa is awesome.

  3. as you know, i am a HUGE fan of circuit/plyo workouts and even as an avid runner, i could not live without these boot camps/cross fit style classes (i don’t go to a CrossFit gym, but my trainer is an ex-pro athlete and boxer so he runs these intense CrossFit style classes that kill us all). definitely stick with it and i bet you’ll be so thrilled with the results and the amount of strength you’ll gain. 🙂 happy to swap exercises sometime!

  4. I am definitely interested in trying! Right now I’m just starting the 30 day thigh challenge with Piper, but I think I’ll incorporate WODs after 🙂 P.S. twin moment- I had a total fat day yesterday too. My legs felt and looked fat, but I felt better after my run.

  5. Crossfit is fun and definitely a good way to mix up the running routine. I’ve been doing it off and on for years and I’ve never felt compelled to join a CF gym. You can do it from home on a budget – just watch your form to stay injury free.

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