Local Grub

Sometimes you just need to get out of the house, right?

Tonight was a perfect example of a night like that for me.   We all know I’ve been living the bachelorette life for the past few weeks.   Not that I’m complaining, I have tried to embraced the lifestyle.   I have an apartment that is always clean, quiet, and I can watch bad TV.

But one can only handle that for so long.  And tonight, I had my AMAZING neighbors, and GREAT friends, invite me and Gusman over for dinner so that I got out of the house for a little while.

Not only did they invite me over, they cooked me a healthy dinner, fresh with locally sourced chicken and sides, without me having to even lift a finger.  Amazing.  And tasty.


I don’t even know what the star of this show was.  The Brussels were amazing with the butcher bacon.  The quinoa was nutty and PERFECTLY cooked.  And then of course the chicken, I mean come on, look at it. Yum

I definitely went back for seconds of both the sprouts and the quinoa.  Couldn’t get enough.

There is something about eating locally and fresh that makes me appreciate what I’m eating that much more.  Coming from Colorado, where we have a dry climate, a lot of our produce is outsourced, but we have amazing options right from our own region, and tonight’s meal was a perfect example of that.  Heart, stomach, and soul warming food directly from the source.  Makes me miss the farmer’s market already ;).

We washed the good stuff down with a bottle of blended red that I picked up this afternoon


I’d never had it before, but I am totally a “judge a book by it’s cover” sucker when it comes to wine, and I thought the label was pretty.  Thankfully, the blend was very enjoyable and perfect with or without food.

We ate and drank watching the Card’s game….but unfortunately that wasn’t so much fun for us St Louis fans.  Whomp whomp.

I guess it’s time to eat my sorrows away with left over cookies from work yesterday.  It’s a tough life 😉

Thank you Thank you THANK YOU Bob and Britt for taking such great care of me while the boy’s away!

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8 thoughts on “Local Grub

  1. I’ve never had brussel sprouts. I’ve always seen it on the cooking channels and some recipes I search for online has this as a side dish. Brussel sprouts would be imported to Jamaica and are usually sold in large supermarkets in the upscale neighbourhoods at premium price. I should look to see if its in the frozen section of the supermarket where I live. The dinner looks wonderful and I understand your on again off again bachelorette lifestyle. Its fun sometimes but a real kicker another time. You have great neighbours.

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