First Post Race Run: Success!

This morning I tackled something I’ve been a little anxious about since well before Sunday.

My first run post-race. Wooo hooo.


Yes — it was a simple and easy 5k on the treadmill, but that’s not what I’m focusing on right now.  Between spraining my ankle, coming down with the bird flu (whatever it was) 2 weeks pre race, and minor tweaks here and there I had convinced myself that it would be awhile before I laced up again post race.

Yup, definitely negative thinking on my part, but if you’ll remember I was struggling for a little bit keeping my head in a good space about running.  Not ONLY did I run this morning, I ran WITHOUT  my brace (first time post injury), and ran a progression series for the bulk of the run.

This has left me with a huge smile on my face, and ready to face what I know will be a cray-cray day here at the office.   Thank you, runners high, for never failing me.  Even after a simple 3.1 miles.

<—–Happy girl.

Workout of the Morning:  Treadmill 5k + 3.1 minute plank

This morning’s run has me convinced that if I listened to “My Song Knows” by Fall Out Boy on repeat through out my half, that I would have been in contention to win that baby.   I had my St Louis play list on shuffle for my run this morning, and may or may NOT have played that song on repeat after it came on to start mile 2.

That’s right.  I listened to the song 3.5 times on my run, and even did a plank for the duration of the song when I finished.  Let me tell you, it’s easier to fist pump when you’re running than planking.  I should know.

So, my advice to anyone racing in the near future. Turn OFF your radios (because the song is on BLAST on the radio around here), download the song, and then make it your ENTIRE playlist.  Thank me when you PR.

And that is my advice for the day.  You’re welcome :).

Question of the Morning:  Can you play a song on repeat during work outs?  And if so, what song?

I’m not even embarrassed.  Fall Out Boy (Sorry Zach, be glad you’re not home).

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22 thoughts on “First Post Race Run: Success!

  1. totally have some FOB on my running mix and phone as well — no shame in my game either. saw them in concert years ago, super fun! nothing like some good pop-punk to put some pep in your step.

  2. Lol I’m glad you recovered from the bird flu! I think you’re being smart and easing back into your workouts. Why risk the injury?

    I have never tried listening to a song on repeat while working out. I’ve heard of other runners doing this, but I couldn’t wrap my head around it. I feel like I would get bored, but it actually might do the opposite. Who knows.

  3. Hmm I have never listened to a song on repeat while running. My workout mix is all over the place. I have Foo Fighters, Incubus, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Manson, Just Timberlake, Katy Perry, Collective Soul, Jet…. Yea hahaha literally all over the place.
    My last song while running today was “are you gonna be my girl” by Jet and it was a perfect song to end off with

  4. Way to get back in the game girl. Luv the race shirt. Wear it with pride. I applaud your dedication to running by working out on a treadmill. I can do stationary bike but not the treadmill. Work back up to longer distances slowly so you can heal and enjoy the run. Should be a great weekend in CO for outdoor workouts.

  5. Haha I love listening to songs on repeat, I always do. Especially when I’m cooling down after a runs and doing the strength exercises. I really like Phillip Phillips when I’m cooling down and as for running it varies depending on the day, but I’m 100% a song-repeater.

  6. Good job easing back – everyone is different, but it is very important to listen to your body … and it is ALWAYS better to say ‘I probably could have done more’ than ‘uh oh, I shouldn’t have done that’!

    I have never listened to music when I run … so can’t help you there 😉

  7. When I was water running I listened to a lot of songs on repeat- I’m not naming which ones though (too embarrassing lol)
    I don’t listen to music when I run but if I did, it would probably be the same. I’m borked like that.
    Awesome that you’re on the mend!

  8. I could definitely listen to the same song on repeat during a workout! I was actually thinking along those lines this morning on the treadmill when a particular song just gave me a ton of energy. I started it over again as soon as it finished. The song was “Sugar Daddy” from “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” I have some strange stuff on my ipod 🙂

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