It’s Caught Up To Me & Some Thoughts

I am Pooped.

Today was a wildly crazy day at work, probably the craziest since I started last August.  Having that follow my race and traveling has pretty much knocked it out of this girl.


Time to Unwind — in my new gear

Hello Stress Relief Yoga to the rescue.  Less than 45 minutes later (3 parts) — I left like the weight from the day had been melted from my shoulders.   Leaving me in a great state of mind, ready for a hot date with my foam roller, and heating pad.   All about resting and rebuilding this little body of mine.

Dinner is simple and easy once again.

DSC_0360 DSC_0361

And I am winding down with a some more embarrassingly bad TV.  I’m kind of excited for Zach to get home, get my life back together, lol. No more trashy TV until 2014, I swear.

I think there are some cookies I stole from work that may or may not make it into my evening plans as well. . . I’m never too tired for cookies.


I’ve had a lot of ideas and thoughts running through my head for my little blog.  Where I want to take it. What I can to do. Branding it, etc.  I am so passionate about it and really want it to reflect that in a way that I can be proud of.  My first step currently is probably branding, primarily starting with the header and design of my page.  Any information, tips, resources you can offer me in your own experience with this (specifically with wordpress) would be GREATLY appreciated :).   Both in the comment section OR email <—.

Thank you so much!  Have a great, and relaxing night ❤

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13 thoughts on “It’s Caught Up To Me & Some Thoughts

  1. LOVE the new shirt 🙂 And nothin wrong with a little trashy TV here and there 😉

    Unfortunately, I am newer to blogging than you, so I don’t have any great advice on branding…I have been meaning to ask you, when did you decide to buy your domain (I think that’s what it’s called) and change to a dotcom?

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