Workout Plan For the Week Post Race

Good morning and Happy Monday everyone :).

I went to bed last night with the adrenaline definitely wearing off, leaving me a little sick to my stomach but a good nights sleep and some rest today will help me be good as new!  It’s all the post race wind down — happens every time.

I called in to work today, hoping that a day of pampering is exactly what I need.

Surprisingly, my legs feel pretty good today, but I do have some fairly bad burn marks from where my sleeves hit my under arms.  On both arms.  It’s pretty, and pretty painful.  But that’s honestly the worst of it at this point.  Maybe I’ll get you all some pictures, it’s real attractive.

This Morning

It is straight up COLD here in Denver, and dark, which it almost never is.  So — because I’m taking it super easy today, I thought a nice long walk with Gus would be the perfect way to loosen up my legs. We went about 2 miles, straight up into the Highlands and a nice downhill back into Downtown.

I got to try out my new ski coat for the winter (I left my regular coat in St Louis, so it’ll be shipped to me later this week, ha) and was very happy with how warm it kept me!

Plan For the Week: RECOVERY

I am going to do everything in my power to have as good of a post race week as I did with my taper week.  I know my legs feel surprisingly good, but there is NO need to push it.

  • Monday: Long walks with the furball and YOGA at home
  • Tuesday: 30 minutes bike and YOGA
  • Wednesday: 5k shake out run
  • Thursday: 5k shake out run
  • Friday: YOGA and rest
  • Saturday:  10k run
  • Sunday: Recovery — whatever’s needed.

This schedule is definitely flexible if any niggles or pain come in during the week, but for now I feel pretty good all things considered.

I’m planning on writing up my race recap sometime this afternoon — but I have a delicious breakfast to eat and an exciting errand that I need to run first :).  I’ll be back . . .

DSC_0370 DSC_0371

Question of the Morning:  Any exciting plan for the week?  Anybody else taking it easy?

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11 thoughts on “Workout Plan For the Week Post Race

  1. I am taking it easy this week for sure. Yesterday was a hard effort for me and today I’m so stiff walking is a challenge. I plan to walk to the dentist later today but that may be all the exercise I do this week.

  2. no taking it easy for me…there is no reason for me to and I have too much further to go 🙂 you deserve to though 🙂
    Most exciting work out plan for this week is thursday’s halloween dance out! 2 hours of dancing in the fresh air…while wearing a mask and giant boots and lots and lots of orange material on my tatter jacket!

  3. You earned a day (or two) of rest!
    Its a pretty quite week around here; soccer game for me, play dates and Halloween festivities! I’m also hoping to go for a long LONG run provided my husband comes home for a few days.

  4. I’m definitely taking it easy in hopes I can run some of my half that’s coming up! This tendinitis is super annoying and I’m anxious be back running around. You deserve some you time, enjoy your day off!

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