Breath of Fresh Air.

Have you ever had a day that just felt like it was a breath of fresh air.  Just EXACTLY what you needed?

For me, that day was today.


I have been training since about March of this year, between the Steamboat and Saint Louis halves.  I have been very disciplined, trained hard, planned a wedding and got married, all while working full time and living everyday life.   I feel like in some way crossing the finish line yesterday was also crossing the finish line in an insanely busy year.  2013 has been an amazing year, probably the best, but the finish line yesterday felt like crossing through the crazy to the calm.

What’s different for the time being?

  • I can run for fun — Garmin or not.
  • I can run with my pup, not worried about pace.
  • I can have a glass of wine with friends if I want, without guilt of fear.
  • I can integrate much more strength training, yoga, and cross training.
  • I can switch up work outs, without guilt.
  • I have Saturday mornings for brunch and sleeping in again, if I want it (lord knows I’ll still run or ski most days)
  • I can enjoy ski season.
  • I can LET GO.

Today has kind of been all of this, mixed into one day.

Gus and I have gone on three walks, about 2 miles each 

DSCN1329 DSCN1328

Cold, Fall walks

DSCN1330 DSCN1327

Stretching my legs, and Gus’s nose 😉

DSCN1326 DSCN1325


I also did something that I have been wanting to do for almost two months.


I am officially Mrs. Ashley Jara.  In 24 hours, it will be processed and I can go about finalizing all the other minor details.  I know this seems minor, but this means a lot to me and made me SO happy to finally see it through.

And lots and lots of YOGA .  LOTS.


Really — I feel like a happier, healthier, and more relaxed version of myself.  And I am liking this. I am so optimistic and excited about the final months of 2013.

Final benefit to my amazing day today?

DSC_0372 DSC_0373

This boy won’t be moving for a long time.

26 thoughts on “Breath of Fresh Air.

  1. That’s awesome that 2013 was your best year! You have done so much- you should be proud of your accomplishments 🙂 Also, I love that you mentioned living without guilt or fear. I am hoping to get to that point…I’m just not sure how to kick this unhealthy mindset!! Ugh. Congrats again on a fabulous year!

  2. Yay congrats on changing your name.
    I feel like I am going to feel happy and sad when that time comes for me. It is just odd to go from calling yourself one thing to change it to something else.

  3. I love this post Ashley, it is so inspirational! You’re so determinant, I admire you for that! I absolutely love your fall pictures, the color of the leaves are amazing! You know I miss fall so much in California, so your pictures made me happy this morning!

  4. I had to wait for the government shutdown to change my name and am going to get a new driver’s license next week, so excited! Also I love love love fall and with no training schedule it’s super nice to be able to do whatever mileage you feel like!

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