Work Out Round Up October 25, 2013

Another Friday!  While I would LOVE life to slow down a bit, I am not complaining that these Fridays seem to roll around so quickly lately.  JA mere HOURS until Saint Louis!


Last night was date night in the Jara household, which always makes for a great night 🙂

DSCN1306 DSCN1308 DSCN1311 DSCN1312

With Zach gone the next almost 2 weeks I was happy to get some QT with the boy :).

And you  know we got home and dominated some apple pie.  It’s definitely already halfway done.  Upps.


This Morning

No work out this morning.  Just glorious rest.  Which is exactly what the plan called for :).  I do ❤ taper sometimes.

Work out Round Up

Here’s how the week was supposed to look.

  • Monday: YOGA and 3 miles of walking
  • Tuesday: 5k easy run
  • Wednesday: YOGA and 3 miles of walking
  • Thursday: 5k easy run
  • Friday: REST/YOGA
  • Saturday: Possible 2 miles in STL to open up the legs
  • Sunday: RACE DAY BABY!

And here’s how it has turned out

  • Monday: Yoga and 3 miles of walking
  • Tuesday: 5k easy run (which was tough)
  • Wednesday: LOTS of yoga and 3 miles of walking including a frosty mile with the pup
  • Thursday: 5k easy treadmill run with one speedy mile
  • Friday: REST and maybe yoga at lunch
  • Saturday: 2 miles in STL to open up the legs
  • Sunday: RACE DAY!

Italicized because it’s still planned.

I am proud of myself this week.  Tapering is hard for a lot of runners, myself included.  But I REALLY want to have a good race after this hard fought training season, so I recognized that this is what my body needed, and so I chilled out.

I am going to Saint Louis this afternoon feeling well rested, armed with Runner’s World and SELF magazines for inspiration (and lots of candy), and a book for distraction.

By the time I get to the expo tomorrow, I’m gonna be STOKED 🙂

Alright — time to get to work.  I’ll check back in later this afternoon before my flight!

Question of the Morning: Your favorite work out this week

Probably all the yoga to be honest.  Not a huge fan of the treadmill runs lately, so I’ll give it up to yoga today.

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12 thoughts on “Work Out Round Up October 25, 2013

  1. either Morris Dance Practice which is always awesome or today’s PT session with Olympic lifting which was new and exciting!

    well done for a successful taper week, and listening to your body and resting! 😀

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