Last Training Run: Done

Saint Louis, I’m coming.


We’ll get to that in a minute, but first…let’s backtrack.

Zach got home safe and sound last night around 10 PM — which is already past our normal bedtime.  BUT — we rallied, got home, and taste tested the apple pie for you all…before we crashed hard 2 minutes later in an apple pie coma.



Yup.  Approved by both of us 🙂  Expect a recipe later this afternoon :).

This Morning

This morning I finished my final run for this training cycle.  I may do a shake out 2 miles Saturday morning in Saint Louis, just to adjust my lungs and body to sea level…but for all intents and purposes, St Louis RnR training cycle is complete.

Workout This Morning:  Final Five K 🙂

This last run went much better than my run earlier in the week.  To be honest, I think the treadmill just bores the heck out of me when I’m going constant speeds — which is all I have been doing lately trying to take it easy for taper.  I haven’t done speed work in probably 2 weeks — so the treadmill just gets mundane.

This morning I broke up the run and did mile 2 quite a bit faster than one and three point one, which was a nice way to break up the run.  Instead of dragging along, this run seemed to fly.  Looks like I’ll be working on speed work in the off season 🙂

And now — it’s time to finish getting ready and head into work.  Woo hoo late day.  Date night tonight 🙂

So, I’ll be back with the pie recipe AND recap of date night 🙂

Quesiton of the Afternoon:  Do you switch up your speeds on the treadmill often?  And if you aren’t a runner, do you have a workout that bores you fairly quickly?


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28 thoughts on “Last Training Run: Done

  1. Dreadmills and I don’t get along. I find myself getting claustrophobic after only a few miles and even dizzy. I don’t believe I’ve actually found any other workout that bores me, though. So that’s probably a positive thing!

  2. We don’t have a treadmill but I’ll be honest I’m dying to have one so I can just get runs in when the girls are in bed and my husband is away. I’ll take any run over no running. Though when I do run on treadmills I need something else to focus on and I like changing up my speed throughout the run.
    Good like in St. Louis! Can’t wait to hear about it.

  3. Ahhhhhh OMG this is so exciting! You’re going to do amazing!!!!

    I generally do my easy runs on the treadmill (supposed to be at a pace that I could simultaneously hold a conversation at), so they get super boring. But I can’t run hard on a treadmill, it’s physically impossible for me.

  4. I usually play around with the speed on the treadmill depending on how I’m feeling. Good luck this weekend, you’ll be awesome!

  5. Yes, I have to switch up the speed on the treadmill or I would go crazy! I usually start out pretty easy and then as the miles are along, I increase the speed. Depending on how many miles I am running on the treadmill, which usually isn’t more than 5-8, but I have done one 16 miler on the treadmill (torture), I usually end up running the last mile as my fastest because I just want to get off the treadmill.

    Good luck in St. Louis! Oh, and I love the name of you blog! 🙂

  6. I have horrible allergies so running indoors on a treadmill is about all I can do and not end up an itchy, runny-nosed mess this time of year in Texas. I like I switch up the speed and the inclines, challenge my best times, add some good music and it keeps me from getting bored.

  7. Hi Ashley!

    Good luck on you race Sunday, you will do well and don’t forget to enjoy it. You have trained well and are mentally focused. Just think, it is your first race as a married lady! I miss you.


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