I am a yoga FIEND right now yall.


Ohmmmmmmmmm. 🙂

Little old secret about this lady.  I was kind of obsessed with yoga for a very long time.  Core Power Yoga and I had regular date nights 5-6 nights a week.  But eventually I grew sick of doing the same routines (CPY does offers a TON of classes on their schedules, which is awesome, but they offer limited class options.  So it gets mundane after a year or so of 5 days a week), and that is actually when I found running.  Not a bad trade off, right?

I have been doing yoga daily for the past few weeks, and it has definitely brought back fond memories of my yogi days.  Again — it’s all about balance during this taper week, and yoga has been a god send.

This afternoon?  I had a date with Jillian and her yoga meltdown.    The weather this afternoon was beautiful so I was able to enjoy some fresh air doing it as well.

To be completely honest with you all — I was all about doing it outside because it was a little cooler and I didn’t want to sweat because I was NOT about to shower again before picking up Zach.  Hence the sports bra.  Man Zach is a lucky man . . . 


Another sandwich on the energy bread loaf from Safeway.

This evening, with a beat salad that I made by just slicing the beat, and baking it in tin foil with some balsamic vinaigrette and salt for 30 minutes.

DSC_0365 DSC_0366

And of course, turkey, cheddar, and raspberry spread with some greens.

And you know I had some chex mix.  Come on.

Now I just have to wait for Zach to get home so I can eat that apple pie.  I may or may not have gotten gelato as well…you know.

In the mean time. . . LETS GO CARDINALS

Question of the Afternoon:  Do you like yoga?  Ever DONE yoga?

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22 thoughts on “Yogaholic

  1. ohhhhh yoga, that elusive temptress i never seem to be able to catch. i don’t even do it and i have a love/hate relationship with the very idea of it…and as you know, i continually say i’m going to start. but i just love the hurt so good burn of circuit training and boot camps and long hard runs that i don’t seem to “have time” (aka “make time) for yoga. but i will! soon. 🙂

  2. I have a love-hate relationship with yoga. I took a normal yoga last YEARS ago and it was okay. Then I went back to it during my first pregnancy and LOVED it! I did it again with baby #2 but not as much and have a few DVD’s at home that I throw in every so often.
    I’d love to try hot yoga some day!

  3. I LOVE yoga. I’ve been practicing for almost 6 years, currently try to get to 2 hot studio classes a week, and hope to attend teacher training next year. I think it’s one of the best crosstrain activities that a runner can do!

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