WIAW Bachelorette Edition

It’s Wednesday afternoon — which  means it’s time for another What I Ate Wednesday, hosted by the wonderful peas and crayons.  LOVE 🙂


This week, it’s bachelorette edition.  What I have been eating and snacking on with the hubby away on work.


Up to now, Zach has only been gone during the week.  And my weekday (read: work day) breakfasts/Lunches and snacks are pretty boring.

DSC_0189DSC_0220DSCN1091DSC_0337 DSC_0335

Lots of fresh fruit, yogurt, coffee and granola.  I generally snack my way through my work day, so I’m never hungry, and never full.  That has definitely held true during this bachelorette week. My favorite has been the beautiful honeycrisp apples available right now!



A lot of sandwiches and salads for dinner.  When I’m only cooking for one, I’m all about easy.  And really is there anything easier than a delicious sammie or big salad?

And I treated myself to some Whole Foods sushi while the boy was gone as well.  Gotta splurge every once in awhile, right?

Favorite Snack


I have eaten my weight in Honey Chex Mix while the boy is away as well.  Seriously — I blame it on carbo loading for the half this weekend . . . either way, it’s delicious.


I’ve done a lot of baking while Zach was gone as well (Gotta have something nice to welcome him home with!) so there have been lots of baked goods for the taking!



And THAT my friends, is what I’ve eaten in my bachelorette life 🙂  Come back tomorrow for the apple pie recipe!  I’m excited 🙂

Question of the Afternoon: Share one thing you’ve eaten this week — your favorite 🙂

Right now I’d probably say the Masterpiece sandwich, but I’m hopeful for that pie tonight 🙂

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