Hump Day Relaxation

Random fact of the day everyone:

A hard working adult sweats up to 4 gallons per day. Most of the sweat evaporates before a person realizes it’s there.

If you know my husband, you’re not too surprised by this random fact ;).

Happy Hump Day

More relaxing, and eating chocolate, once I finished baking and dinner last night.  Thankfully for my waistline, Zach comes home tonight so hopefully I’ll stop with the mindless chocolate eating.

UNFORTUNATELY we have an entire apple pie (and vanilla gelato) to eat in the next 72 hours or less.  I think we’re up to the challenge.

DSC_0358 DSC_0359

This Morning

I am really loving this taper week :).

Workout of the Morning:  YOGA + 1 mile frosty speed walk with Gusman

I let Gus go without a leash for a good chunk of our walk on the trail this morning, so this walk was more of a game of catch up for me with the furball.  BUT I will say I am a huge advocate for these relaxing mornings.  Between the yoga wake up, followed by a cool walk before work, I feel completely refreshed and energized.  Not so bad.

I am planning on a 2 mile ish walk at lunch, then some more yoga when I get home from work to cool down, but I must say I have completely embraced this taper.

What I have not quite yet embraced:  Getting excited about a work day…but I’ll get there 😉

Question of the Morning:  Do you sweat a lot?

I don’t really . . . when I run yes, but not as much as I’d like I would say.  I don’t mind sweat, makes me feel like I did something 🙂  Gross much, Ashley?

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20 thoughts on “Hump Day Relaxation

  1. I had no idea we sweat so much every day! I don’t notice much sweat when working out except in my head – It’s gross but my hair gets totally wet. The rest of me stays mostly dry.

  2. I do now…I didn’t used to, but then I used to live my life permanently dehydrated…but since I have started drinking water like a normal person I seem to sweat more when working out…
    or maybe I just work harder now…

    • It seems so obvious or simple, but I wonder how connected sweating is to how much you drink. Because I can’t drink much at once, my stomach doesn’t react well. But Zach — he can DOMINATE a gallon of water like it’s nobodies business. And he can sweat it right back out as well.

      • it never occurred to my until recently but I never used to drink…I mean a couple of coffees and about 1 glass of other liquid (if i was lucky) and I never used to sweat much.
        Now I drink 3 – 4 litres of water a day at least and I sweat more…
        strangely this seems to be the only noticeable difference, but I am sure I am healthy because of it…

  3. If that doesn’t count working out, ew. I think I sweat a lot more than that too which is even grosser. I meant to comment on your last post- I love that teapot, where’s it from??

  4. I sweat a bunch while exercising, there have been times when I was literally dripping. Weirdly enough I don’t sweat to much outside of exercise. and that pie looks delicious!

  5. I sweat like crazy. Especially on the stationary bike. I can wring my tanktop out when I get off. I hardly ever see anybody else in the gym who is as wet as me. Lovely, I know.
    I want some of that pie!

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