I Made Dough

I’m switching things up tonight guys.  It’s getting crazy up in here.

Whole Foods Sushi and HGTV.

DSC_0360 DSC_0361

Who am I?!

Don’t worry guys — I am still the same lame-o sandwich and food network lover…but I decided I should look for some variety if I’ve got almost two weeks of bachelorette life starting next week.

Don’t forget to check out this afternoon’s post  and let me know where you’re reading from!

Highlight of the evening

You guys.  I tackled something pretty spectacular, to this girl, tonight.

100% homemade Apple pie.

DSC_0359 DSC_0358

That’s right.  The boy comes home tomorrow, so I did some baking to have something to welcome him home with.  Nothing like an apple pie to say Fall warmth, right?

Zach doubted my abilities — thinking I’d go the easy route of store bought pie crust.  Chop up some apples and put it in the oven.

Nope, not this girl.  Pie dough challenge accepted.  And defeated, if I do say so myself.

DSC_0358 DSC_0359

Who else is impressed here?  With the food processor, it was actually surprisingly easy.  Easy as pie one could say?

DSC_0363DSC_0358As always, I’ll save the recipe until Zach and I try the deliciousness tomorrow, but I’m pretty confident about this one :).   This one is going to be REALLY tough to wait for him.

That’s all I’ve got for tonight yall.  Time to pat myself on the back and relax for the evening 😉

Quesiton of the night:  Do you make your own dough?  Or have you ever?

First time for everything!

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27 thoughts on “I Made Dough

  1. I love sushi! Those rice paper rolls are great. I bought some rice paper rolls myself and use them at home too.
    I have never made pie dough. I do bake a lot of things and generally make it all from scratch but never a pie dough. I should try it.

  2. Look at you baking a whole freaking pie on a weeknight! Your man is quite the lucky fellow.

    I always make my own pie crust. I haven’t quite mastered the baking part yet though. The crust is always yummy, but somehow I don’t put it in the pie pan correctly. I don’t bake pies very often so it’s hard to practice. Clearly the solution is that I might have to start baking pies more often to fix that…

  3. This is a naughty food memory, but my mom taught me how to make pie dough and I’ve never made a pie! Ok, so here’s why – Every time my mom made a pie, she let me eat the pie dough scraps and I loved to eat it raw. WIERD, right?! Yeah, so when I got older I would make small amounts of raw pie dough just to eat. Gross and terrible for me, but hey it’s one of those memories of the days when all I did was eat junk. :p

  4. Girl, you are ambitious- homemade sushi? Yum! Also, my little food processor is my bff- I’m currently lacking a blender so it serves as that too 🙂

  5. my grandmother taught me before she died. i have the recipe memorized, but i still bring out the old card when i make it. there’s lots of variations i could try, but i just stick with hers.

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