This Week Is The Week

That’s it guys — it’s THE week 🙂


The Saint Louis RnR Marathon and 1/2 marathon are this weekend, October 27.

After a crazy Summer, including another half marathon and getting married, I am READY to wrap up this training season with a beautiful race through Saint Louis, Missouri, where I grew up.

My family and I were checking out the course map yesterday and it seems nice.  I’m definitely starting to get that anxious, butterflies in the stomach feeling, but overall I know I trained hard this season and all I really want to do is leave EVERYTHING out there on that course.


You all saw the pictures from yesterday.  Sunday in our house was a nice, relaxing day of board games, football, and pizza.

DSCN1291 DSCN1290 DSCN1288 DSCN1293

This Morning

Zach is currently at the air port ready to head out on his second of three business trips, New York City.  The trips just  keep getting better for this guy, as the next one is London and Geneva.  Not.too.shabby.

He’s there until Wednesday this week, so expect some more fun bachelorette evenings for this girl.

Workout of the morning: YOGA

Some nice, full body yoga to start out my final week of taper.  This week is back to scheduling, but one that is very laid back and meant to prepare me for the big day.

Workout Schedule For the Week:  October 21

  • Monday: YOGA and 3 miles of walking
  • Tuesday: 5k easy run
  • Wednesday: YOGA and 3 miles of walking
  • Thursday: 5k easy run
  • Friday: REST/YOGA
  • Saturday: Possible 2 miles in STL to open up the legs
  • Sunday: RACE DAY BABY!

As I’m sure you’ll notice, it’s a very light week, and one that I am looking forward to.  At some point over the weekend, I came to terms with this training cycle and feel like I’m more prepared than I ever have been.   My training has been strong, and now I’m ready to let my body heal up and be able to really use that strength Sunday.

but for now — it’s time for work 🙂  You know I’ll be back later 🙂

Question of the Morning:  What’s your favorite work out song, or inspirational song?  I need a rockin’ play list!


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23 thoughts on “This Week Is The Week

  1. i love that you incorporate yoga into your training plan. I am running the D.C. Rock and Roll Half Marathon in March Let me know if it was fun!!!! I hear it is great!

  2. OMGOMGOMGOMG!! You’re half is this weekend!! I’m so excited for you!!! My inspirational song is super dorky and embarrassing but it’s a joke between Kyle and me- What’s my age again, Blink 182…

    And geez Zach, lucky much? If you’re going to have business trips, that’s where you’d want ’em!

  3. RNR Saint Louis Half is my favorite race course I’ve ran thus far…. the full corse is an entirely different story. Nick and I are doing a race in Maryville Saturday, but I wanted to send you well wishes on your race! Stop by and visit if you get the chance while you’re back in town! Missing you tons, Mrs. Jara!

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