This afternoon’s post is inspired by previous Love Yourself link up’s through the amazing and inspiring Anne.


There is no link up set up for this week, but I still just LOVE the entire idea behind Love Yourself, that I decided to keep the theme alive this afternoon, even if it is only on Chocolate Medals.


I feel like changing perspective has been a major theme in my life for the past few months, specifically the past few weeks.

In the grand scheme of things:

We made a major change from the big city of Chicago — to the mountains of Denver.

431170_10100510499586859_1434814195_n DSC_0210

We made the transition from engaged, to happily married team.

zach and i969162_10151621196467601_862719013_n

and honestly, I’ve never been happier.

But on a smaller scale, I’ve had to work, for myself, to change my own perspective on things.

Including my own capacity and abilities.

This has become MORE than evident lately in my running.

I’ve mentioned this before, but Zach’s family are kind of running all-stars.

1240512_10151621196877601_678252184_n 577327_10151621197007601_1753898180_n

  • Zach’s brother is an elite runner, sponsored by Brooks.
  • Zach’s Dad has run something 10 marathons, including a BQ
  • And Zach can bust out a sub 1:40 half like it’s nothing.  Literally.

Yeah — that’s never going to be me.

I worked long and hard to understand that, and appreciate that my goal SHOULDN’T be to be able to run as fast, far, or as often as them.  Suddenly, my goal became to challenge myself.  Push MYSELF and run for MYSELF.

I instantly shifted my perspective on running and found my joy again.  Seemingly right when I needed it, before the Steamboat Half I ran in June.

And then . . . 

I read something from a blogging  friend, Scott (or Bob), of mine that really hit a cord with me on a different level (read it, it’s short AND good).

He spoke about running being relative.  He spoke about a long group run he had gone on recently with a guy that had just completed a 100 mile run here in Colorado.   My buddy is crazy and training for the Dopey challenge, but hearing this man talk about his 100 mile race put his own training into perspective.

BUT — the most jarring part for me, was actually Scott’s last quote:

It goes the other way too.  There are always going to be people who can’t run as far or as fast as you…no matter who you are.  But if they put in the work, one day they may be able to.  Just as if keep putting in the work, one day we may be able to do what seems out of reach at the moment.

Because I have also minimized my own running, since I have “only” run a half. . . I haven’t noticed how much I am diminishing my own accomplishments, where I’ve come from, as well as the accomplishments of others. Which is not helping ANYONE.

I had lost the perspective of my running journey.  Where I’ve come. . . but more importantly:  Where I can go.  Well let me tell you . . . 

Yes — I’m running the Saint Louis RnR HALF marathon this weekend.  But I’m not done yall — just you wait and see :).   My running journey has just begun, and the future’s lookin’ bright 🙂


Question of the afternoon:  Have you had anything recently really change your perspective on something?

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18 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. You’re so right! It’s important not to compare yourself negatively to others. You say you’re “only” doing a Half, but must remember that only a very SMALL percentage of people will ever run that far. I’ve seen people in tears because they were so happy to finish a 5k.
    Wow, Zach’s family sounds fast. Since I only wear Brooks Pure Flow 2, can he talk to his brother for me? I’ll take some free shoes anytime! Wink Wink!

  2. I’m so glad you changed your ‘why’ and started running for Y-O-U!! I think when you aren’t mentally competing with others, you’re able to find the joy in things more!

  3. I love reading your running related posts. It’s so inspiring, especially for a short-distance runner like myself trying desperately to break the 3 mile hurdle. Love it and you are so motivating.

  4. I recently graduated college and moved back home to sort of “re-group” and figure out the next step to take. It was really hard to forget all of my accomplishments and appreciate the time I’ve been given to truly work on myself- then I went back and watched the videos of all my years competing for Miss Ohio until I finally won last year. BAM! Perspective shift.
    We are in relationships with our own mentalities…

    And comparison is truly the thief of joy.

    Thank you for asking this question.
    ( i apparently needed to answer it for myself lol).


    P.S. I have never run a half marathon. That is truly an accomplishment.

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