Date Night and a Running Buddy!

Good Morning All 🙂

How was everyone’s Saturday Friday (thanks BUD!)?  I’m getting a late start this morning after a later-than-normal evening.

Date Night

Zach and I wanted a nice date night last night — so we made reservations at a sushi place near us Sushi Sasa.  The only available reservations they had were 6 PM and 8 PM — so we thought we’d act our age for the night and take the 8 PM.

For this lady, that means snacks after work.

Thankfully, the Cardinal game was on to keep me distracted until dinner, and I ran by Whole Foods during my lunch to get us reinforcements through to our 8 PM reservation.


A meat, cheese and cracker tray.

DSC_0357 DSC_0356

My favorite piece of the tray we put together was the date and walnut slice.  If you see this at your local Whole Foods or bakery, give it a shot.  DELISH.  And salami that I bought for Zach.

This, a glass of red wine, and the Cardinals got us through until 8 PM no problem.

Sushi Sasa

By the time we got to dinner, we weren’t nearly as hungry as we normally are — but still got to enjoy some good, fresh fish 🙂


I started out with a cocktail, which I don’t normally do, but it had jalepenos and I’m a sucker for the little hot guys.  It was delicious


And for dinner, we ended up splitting three rolls between the two of us.

DSCN1253 DSCN1251

I apologize for the poor lighting, you know sushi places are dark 🙂

I also apologize for the lack of details on date night, but I went to date night more focused on spending time with Zach and called it a “no blog night”…even though I still took pictures of course.  I love food.   So, unfortunately I don’t remember the names of any of the rolls or my drinks, but it was delicious and I’m really thankful that Zach and I are able to get out to date nights like this every once in awhile.

And now — it’s just before 930 and I’m waiting for it to warm up for before heading out for my run this AM.  Zach may even join me for a few miles — I’m excited!  I’ll be back later to give you full deets about the run 🙂

Quesiton of the Morning:  Do you prefer to run alone or with others?

Normally I prefer to run alone, but if Zach is willing to come with me today I’m not going to pass that up! 🙂

11 thoughts on “Date Night and a Running Buddy!

  1. It’s always easier running with others. BTW, I didn’t realize there was such a time difference from where you are to where I am – You already had a Saturday night?!?! Also, does your husband know about your affinity for “the hot little guys”? 😉

  2. I usually like to run on my own, only because I don’t like holding people back. I do enjoy running with others sometimes.
    My husband and I ran together once…it didn’t last very long. He’s 6’2 and i’m 5’5 so I was holding long legs back with my short stride 🙂

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