Feeling Good

Happy Friday Everyone 🙂

31009 friday-1

Zach made it in safe and sound last night, so things are back to normal in the household for the next few days.  He got in around 930, we got home by about 1030, I ate dessert and he ate dinner while we caught up a bit then went to bed.  By that point it was already way past our bedtime.

This Morning

I embraced the rest day this morning and gloriously slept in.  Denver got some snow over night, so I woke up to a dark, but white morning.  Good morning Winter!

Work Out Round Up of the Week

I decided Not to do a schedule of work outs for this week, considering the luck I had been having with being sick and my ankle.  I figured a more relaxed week was needed, and that was exactly what I had.  My body is definitely healing up and I think it’s thanking me for the love and RnR this week.

So — instead of a schedule, I set goals:

“Me” goals for the week

  • Foam roll everyday
  • Eat and enjoy a piece of fresh fruit everyday
  • Intentionally drink more water
  • Smile!
  • YOGA
  • If I get to run this week: Do it slow, and enjoy

And how’d I do?

  • Foam roal everyday

Well — I did pretty good with this.  I need to keep working on this, but I did roll my self out 4 out of the 5 days, not too shabby, right?  I’ll keep up with this one, my body thanks me.

  • Eat and enjoy a piece of fresh fruit everyday

I ate an apple everyday with breakfast except yesterday unfortunately, but I did eat an apple crumble. . . does that count?

  • Intentionally drink more water

I have definitely been working on this one, including sparkling water at night and just continuously filling up my glass at work.  Hydration is key with the half next week 🙂

  • Smile!

This is the one thing I feel like I’ve done really well with — just changing my attitude in general.  I have noticed a shift in my perception of things and I am confident that it helps to change the outcome as well.  YAY me 🙂

  • YOGA

I definitely succeeded in this one! Every day this week I have made an effort to do yoga once or twice a day and as expected, I feel wonderful!

  • If I get to run this week, Do it slowly and enjoy.

For the two runs that I’ve got in this week, I focused on one step at a time and appreciating that I was able to get out for a run.  There is nothing more frustrating for a runner than injury or the potential of an injury — so the fact that I could get out there was GREAT :).

So — overall.  I call this week a success guys! 🙂 And now, we’ve got the weekend ahead of us!  One more work day!

Question of the Morning: What’s your rest day(s) of the week?  Do you schedule them?

Always Friday for me right now.

23 thoughts on “Feeling Good

  1. Love that you changed your schedule so that you weren’t setting yourself up for failure! My schedule is printed out for month so it’s a little discouraging when you cannot cross workouts off due to injury/illness…

    And I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of that Heck Ya Friday kitty. Just sayin…

    Oh and one more thing, could you please ship me some snow? I miss it 🙂

    • LOL — I feel bad for recycling kitty but I just love her. I’m glad you don’t mind me recycling it every once in awhile. Or every single Friday.

      The snow is really pretty, I would be glad to ship some up to you! But I think it’s going to be gone by the afternoon unfortunately!

  2. My rest days change all the time! I used to schedule them but now I have to workout on the fly. I tried to not workout the night my husband leaves for work (1-2 weeks away) and can only workout at night when I have both girls at home….kinda sucks but I’m fine with my workout schedule for now. It will change once I get back to work in December…hoping to run during my lunch breaks!

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