Where’d The Week Go?

Good Morning lovelies 🙂

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday.  In some weird way this week has really flown by, especially considering I wasn’t exactly busy.

Ehh — I’m not complaining 🙂  I get to pick up Zach tonight and tomorrow’s Friday.  That makes me one.happy.lady :).

Back track: Last Night

I made it to my happy place last night after work for a run :).

DSCN1219 DSCN1218 DSCN1217 DSCN1214


I’m sure I’ll get sick of the park and trails at some point, but I am LOVING it for the time being.

There was definitely a different crisp in the air than what I’ve had on any of my other runs, especially considering it was at 5 PM at night. . . but I wasn’t complaining.  My lungs adjusted by lap two and in the end, I did a nice and easy 3 laps around the lake for a little under 4 miles.

As far as my ankle goes:  it has been feeling much better each day — and the reason I ultimately decided to run yesterday was piece of mind.  I absolutely took the run easy, didn’t even bring my garmin, but I wanted to test it out to make sure I’d be OK for the race next weekend.  I could definitely feel the ankle in the beginning, but less than a half mile in, I got into a groove and it didn’t bug me at all.

When I got home from the run, I got straight to baking (yes, skipping a shower.  Apparently that is ALSO a part of bachelorette life.  Zach, you need to come home).

I am going to save the recipe for when Zach is home, so that we can let you know how it tastes. . . but I’ll give you a few sneak peaks because I definitely was baking with some things I have NEVER baked with before.

DSC_0351 DSC_0353


That’s right folks :).  Fingers crossed it’s a good one! 🙂

While that baked, I roasted up a small head of broccoli and carrot in the oven, prepared some greens with salt, pepper and caesar dressing, and baked a sausage in the oven for dinner.

DSC_0355 DSC_0356


It was hearty, warm, and full of veggies and protein.  Hit the spot.

Along with some chex mix of course.  I’m still workin off that bag I got Monday 🙂



I got The Big Wedding from Redbox to watch last night, but to be honest it didn’t really keep my attention from the beginning.  I spent most of the movie on the blogs and following the Tigers game on my computer.



And then I finished the rest of my red velvet cake and watched Food Network until it was time for bed :).  Man I’m predictable 🙂

This Morning:

Since Thursdays are my late days, I woke up around 730 AM wide eyed and bushy tailed.  I have definitely gotten plenty of good sleep this week, which my body is thankful for.

I fed the furballs and then went straight to the gym for an easy 5k.

Workout for the Day: Easy 5k on the treadmill

Nothing really notable about this one.  Finished in about 29 minutes, never pushing it too hard.  I’m hoping to get a long run in over the weekend, a recovery run, and then 2 short 5ks next week before heading to St. Louis.  It’s getting real yall 🙂

And of course, now it’s time to finish getting ready and head to work.  Thanks for checking in with me guys 🙂

Have a great morning!

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25 thoughts on “Where’d The Week Go?

  1. When I lived in STL I had a “happy place” park as well. I trained for an entire HIM there and never got sick of it. I still go there for a run when we visit family for the holidays. 🙂

  2. What a great happy place to run! The Cherry Creek trail runs by work and I walk that all the time. Even though I take the same route every day, it’s still never boring. I enjoy the creek and the peace…

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