Well — I’m getting ready to eat dinner then hit the road to pick up the husband.  He’s on his way from a lay over in O’hare as we speak!



My first go at bachelorette life was a success.  And now I have my husband back…well until Monday 🙂

My Goals

Got home and did my wifely duties:

  • take care of the furballs
  • laundry
  • dishes

Before taking some time for me: YOGA.  I am so thankful that I decided to take it a little easier on myself this week be creating goals versus a work out schedule.  I feel like I’ve given my body the ease that it needed, while also fitting in necessary activity.  Ultimately, daily yoga, 2 runs, 20 miles on the bike…not too shabby.


After my chores and yoga time, came dinner time.

On the menu tonight:  Sandwiches from Masterpiece deli. Something easy for me to eat, and ready for Zach when he gets in late.

Ahi tuna on an english muffin for me.

DSC_0351 DSC_0352

I don’t know what’s better here…the muffin or the ahi.  I’m telling you if you are in the Denver area and like sandwiches, you HAVE to try Masterpiece!  LOVE IT.

And now . . . I’m gonna wrap up things around here and pick up the boy! 🙂

Quesiton of the Night:  What’s your favorite sandwhich place?

Masterpiece all the way 🙂

27 thoughts on “Masterpiece!

  1. Yay for Zach being back!
    My favorite sandwich place is right by our house on the corner called blues city deli. Great sandwiches, owner is so nice and calls people by their names and has bands on Thursdays and Saturdays. I highly recommend it to anyone in stl!

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