Do You DO What You Pin?

So I’ve expressed to you all that I’m fairly new to much of the social media scene.

Sure, I’ve had my personal facebook page since college (back in the day it was THE facebook,when you posted your classes, and it was ONLY for college students).  But it wasn’t until the blog that I got into twitter and pinterest, I just made a blog facebook page, and I am still waiting to get a smart phone to join instagram.

But thanks to the blog and you all, I feel like I’m learning, slowly but surely.  And last night was a big step for me.

My first attempt at a pinterest baking “pin” since I started the blog :).


I’m going to save the recipe for you until all Zach and I actually try it tonight — but for now I’ll give you a teaser shot:

DSC_0351 DSC_0354

While I was baking last night, I got to thinking – – I’ve never actually tried to bake anything that I’ve pinned.

I did use pinterest to help find inspiration for my wedding — colors, styles, hair-do, bridesmaid dresses.  I’ve even used it for cleaning tricks (I microwaved a bowl of vinegar and water for 5 minutes, and then wiped down our microwave to clean it before we moved last year.  Worked like a charm, stuff came right off).

But baking — I hadn’t actually used it yet.

I’ve heard of pinterest fail (and certainly gotten a few laughs from it.  NAILED IT) — and knew that a lot of people find what they pin a little more challenging in practice than in pictures.  And to be honest, I was a little afraid, myself, that I would “fail” if I attempted any.  So since I started my “pinterest,” my baking board has been more of a dream board.

Well that all changed last night and I’m excited about it!  I am making a vow to myself to use it as inspiration and try things that I wouldn’t otherwise.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t bake exactly what I pinned.  I used it as a starting point, and made it my own.  But I think that’s great,.  I still got my inspiration from the pin, and hopefully made something delicious from it.  Talk about finding inspiration, and now I can’t wait to try a lot more!  Sometimes I love social media 🙂

So I guess I’m asking you all. . .

Has anyone else not “used” their pinterest boards?  Or do you have a board that is more of a dream than reality?

And please! Follow me on any of the networks (twitter , facebook & pinterest)!   < — I love feeling connected to you all 🙂

27 thoughts on “Do You DO What You Pin?

  1. I probably make 20% of what I pin. I need to do more because there is some good looking stuff I have on my boards, haha! I can’t wait to see what it is you made!

  2. I have 3-4 boards where I pin recipes I want to try, and 1 called “Been there, ate that” where I move those pins to after I’ve actually tried them! That being said, I don’t think I’ve actually tried a Pinterest recipe in at least 6+ months.. haha. But it’s been cool to see what I’ve cooked from Pinterest!

  3. I love pinterest! Its where I got the idea for your cupcake dress for your shower! I definitely pin things I dont use but they give me ideas for when im trying to be creative or when im making zach somehing with meat and I dont actually know how to prepare it

  4. I saw some of your recipe pins at about 4:30 this morning during a mini bout of insomnia. :p
    I use my pins pretty often – Mostly for cooking/baking and also for buying clothes! I love finding clothes and making a wishlist because I can just click on the pin to go to the website, or my family can if they want to get me a holiday/bday gift.

  5. i have boards that i use all the time like some food and exercise boards. some are just pure fantasy and fun! i love all the ideas though. i have used many a recipe and craft project.

  6. I definitely have a couple Pinterest boards that are just for fun, but I really do use the cooking boards I have, and some of the time the exercise board. 🙂

  7. I do use pinterest (even if I do refer to it as pine-trees) I use it as an external memory for stuff and research. I have baked a few of the things I have found, and done a few of the craft things, others I use for inspiration but adapt for my own projects 🙂
    I am following you now 😀

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