Are You Ready for Winter Yet?




I’m all about my warm scarf this morning!  Welcome to the cool temps, Denver!  We aren’t expected to even get out of the 40’s today!  Yikes!

It should be noted that Zach is literally going INSANE with this cold weather.  He has one thing, and one thing only on his mind.




I’m still all about the Fall — I can’t quite psych myself up enough yet for the Winter and skiing — but days like today make me feel like it’s certainly coming!

Moving on . . . 

Last night was a relaxing evening full of girly things. Cookies,  Food Network, David Tutera, sparkling water, the good stuff 🙂

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This Morning

This morning I actually woke up feeling wonderful!

I think there are 2 elements that make it hard for me to get out of bed as the Winter gets closer:

  1. The dark monrings
  2. The COLD bedroom and WARM bed.

When I’m all warm and cozy in my bed, and I can feel the chill in the room, it takes serious motivation to talk myself out of bed in the early AM.   Well, at some point in the early  morning I woke up and turned off the fan in our room, probably about 3 or 4 AM?!

This made a huge difference because by 6 AM when my alarm went off, the room was stuffy I was actually warm and ready to get out of bed.  Worked like a charm and I was ready to hit the gym for an easy sweat session 🙂   I’m going to have to remember this (although Zach may not like it so much . . . )

Workout of the Morning: 10 mile stationary bike + 15 minute plank weight routine

30 minutes to warm myself up on the bike, and a quick set of a plank routine from the latest SELF magazine + general weights.  I do want to keep my strength training very light until after the race — lord knows I’m too injury prone to risk anything right now 😉



I finished BEAUTIFUL RUINS during my work out this morning as well — so look forward to a book review in the very  near future 🙂  I highly recommend this one people — check it out!

Question of the Morning:  Are YOU ready for Winter yet?


28 thoughts on “Are You Ready for Winter Yet?

  1. no!! winter is cold and damp and dark and annoying!
    on saying that I just bought my first ever pair of thermal running leggings…actually my fist pair of running leggings…which also happen to be my first thermal ones…

  2. Seeing the picture of David Tutera made me smile a lot. I used to watch his show with my mom when I was still living in Spain. I’m sure you got some cool ideas from him on your wedding 🙂

  3. I am so ready for the winter! Although my pansy winters are nothing compared to yours. It’s basically me complaining about the rain and cold when it’s only about 50-something deg. One of my favorite things about the winter though is going outdoor ice skating in the park with Kyle. We did it for the first time, like a month before he ended up asking me out 🙂

      • Haha no, you’re not weird! Or maybe we’re BOTH weird and that’s why you’re not weird to me? Hmm…but yes, athletes in general are my kind of guy haha.

        Kyle is not so great on skates haha, but it’s always fun!

  4. I hate winter. Don’t have to worry about that yet down here. I just need some of it’s cooler temps to help my runs. And I do like skiing, but not many mountains in North Texas either 😦

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