We Are A Mess

Good Morning and Happy Rainy and yucky Monday everyone 🙂



Zach and I spent yesterday watching sports, reading, and relaxing.  The way a Sunday should be 🙂






Listen to this past week of events in the Jara Household

  • Tuesday night: Ashley gets violently ill — Zach takes care of me
  • Wednesday all day — Ashley very will — Zach takes care of me
  • Thursday all day — Ashley still ill, Zach starting to not feel well — tag team taking care of each other
  • Friday — Zach SICK — Ashley take care of Zach
  • Saturday — Zach sick, Ashley still taking care of Zach
  • Sunday – Ashley sprains ankle.  Doesn’t hardly move from the couch ALL day once pain sets in.

And of course, today, Zach begins his 3 weeks of travel.

I better wrap myself in bubble wrap while he’s gone!

This Morning

The first thing on my mind this morning was my ankle.  I slept in my compression socks last night, in hopes that it would give some kind of support and prevent swelling over night.

I can’t really say much one way or the other if it helped — I just know that I want to baby the heck out of it.  I’m now 13 days out from Saint Louis RnR — so it’s all about RnR for this girl ;).  For now, it’s brace all day long, and ice and heat when I get home from work.

I’m trying to stay optimistic on this one — so one day at a time.  I’m going to bubble wrap myself and my house and hope for the best.

No serious exercise for this lady — but I did enjoy some light Yoga to start the week.

Work out Plan for the Week

Ok — I’m just going to give it to you all straight.

I am NOT doing a work out plan for the week.

I hope you all are’t too dissapointed in me, but I NEED to chill out, give myself a break, and not put any undue pressure on myself this week.

Whether it’s luck, my body giving me messages, or my brain giving me a message, I have been TOUGH on my body and on myself the past few weeks — and I need to change that.  So for this moment, I am NOT doing a work out plan for the week.  I do want to mock up something, but for now, my mindset is priority at this point.

Check back with me later or an update 😉

23 thoughts on “We Are A Mess

  1. resting is a smart choice, the longer rest you give it the better it’ll feel later… this is pretty much my new running injury mantra

  2. Weeks like that happen and it makes total sense that you’ve chosen to take it easy. Having a strict regimen only adds more stress to the equation, anyway. Hoping your ankle recovers quickly!

  3. I think it’s perfectly acceptable to have a week with no workout plan. It’s only when they start to pile up week after week that it becomes a problem. 🙂

  4. Oh no, I hope your ankle gets better! That sucks that as soon as you’re feeling better you get hurt 😦 Have you been doing ice massage? That seems to have been helping me.

      • Basically, it’s rubbing where it hurts with ice…my physical therapist has me doing it for my tendonitis. The easiest way to do it is freeze water in a dixie cup and then peel back the paper so it’s kinda like a push pop and massage your ankle with it. Apparently it’s better for you, I don’t know I just follow what my PT tells me 🙂

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