My First Night As A Bachelorette And a Silent Sunday

You guys — you seriously never cease to amaze me with the amount of love and support you have to give.

You.Make.Me.SMILE.  And hey, that’s a goal of mine right, to SMILE — so way to go team :).

My first bachelorette night

Tonight is the first night of my bachelorettehood. . . well 3 weeks of bachelorrettehood while Zach travels the country, and world, over the next three weeks. (Yes he will be home for a few days in between, but doesn’t it sound much more dramatic the way I originally put it?! 😉

The evening started the best way possible

Workout of the Afternoon:  10 miles stationary bike, weights, and yoga baby!


A quick sweat on the bike — and I even upped the RPMs.  Nothing crazy — but a quick sweat session (that had zero ankle impact) made this girl a happy lady.


excuse the blur — my gym is small and there were definitely other people in there. Coulda gotten awkward . . .

I finished up with a few minutes of upper body weights, then headed upstairs to love on the furballs. . .  and to do more YO –GA, and spend some time with my friend foam roller.  ‘Cause I’m all about following through on my goals baby 🙂

For dinner —  I reheated a left over tortilla from yesterday, topped with greens, chicken salad from Whole Foods, and some chex mix.

DSC_0351 DSC_0354

If that doesn’t scream random — I don’t know what does.  Whatever, it hit the spot and it was tasty.


And now — it’s time to spend the evening with another one of my favorite men.


Yup — a little David Tuterra, sparkling water and cookies for the rest of the night.

Zach, don’t you wish you were here?

Silent Sunday

And of course, since I missed out on Silent Sunday last night, I thought I’d still share some photos from yesterday with you today.  Better late, than never, right?

DSCN1236 DSCN1235 DSC_0364 DSC_0363 DSC_0361 DSC_0360 DSC_0358 DSC_0356 DSC_0355

Have a great night all!

Question of the Day:  What’s the one thing you do when you’re home alone for a night?

Normally make a really random, totally Ashley dinner.  Hence chicken salad and chex mix.

23 thoughts on “My First Night As A Bachelorette And a Silent Sunday

  1. I’m in love with your tea pot. I feel like such an old lady when I see them because I get so excited, but it reminds me of big hats and gloves and garden parties. As far as your random dinner, it totally fits your bachelorette night! When you cook for more than yourself, the meal has to be thought out, but alone you can eat over the sink or make crazy combinations. You’re going to be fine without Zach. Are there any meals he doesn’t like that you wish you could make? Maybe you could fix up some of those 🙂

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