A 10K is Quite OK

Good Morning and Happy Saturday everyone 🙂

Another overcast and chilly day here in Denver, but it could be worse so I’m not complaining.  I think it’s just time I accept that Fall is FULLY upon us, and enjoy it :).

Morning Run

As you are are probably familiar with, my work out/running schedule has been all kinds of wonky this week with getting sick.

I took two unplanned rest days, and then ran a treadmill 5K yesterday to ease myself back into running on what is normally my scheduled rest day.

Since rest, and flexibility, were the name of the game this week, I also planned to take it easy on my “long run.”

The only requirements I had for today:

  • Get outside
  • Listen to my body

And that I did.

I woke up, followed my normal Saturday morning ritual of Larabar and coffee, then strapped up my shoes and hit the road.

DSC_0351 DSC_0352


It was cold, so layering was the name of the game.  Today I had on (and currently STILL have on, yup):

  • A nike work out top
  • An under armer long sleeve layer
  • A running jacket
  • Lululemon pants
  • compression socks
  • And of course, garmin, shoes and Ipod.

The second I stepped outside, the cool air was actually really refreshing, although my lungs have yet to fully adjust.

I hit a new-to-me section of the South Platte Trail near our home, and went for a nice out and back.

The first 5K I really worked to take it easy on myself, averaging about 938.  I took a break, stripped my jacket layer off, then headed back out.

I stopped at a water fountain at mile 6, but unfortunately my fears were confirmed that water fountains have been turned off for the season.

At this point, I started getting very light headed, and knew a 10k was it for me this morning.

And you know what, that’s fine.

I ran 13.1 last week, and I SHOULD be tapering, so it’s fine.  I am going to PLAN to run about 5 tomorrow, then do 2 short runs during the week next week followed by a long run of 8-10 Saturday.

Then ease into the race with two 3 mile runs next week, and possibly a 2 mile shot jaunt when I get to Saint Louis to move the legs.  We’ll see.

Overall — I’m happy with the run, glad I made it out, and glad I listened to my body.  I was definitely humbled by this little illness, so I’m all about respecting that I’m still healing at this point.

Our Saturday

and now . . . it’s time to shower up, watch some college football and baseball, hang out with friends, and enjoy the afternoon.  Everyone send well wishes Zach’s way now.  He is definitely much more functional than he was yesterday, but still under the weather.  With 3 weeks of traveling, including quite a bit overseas, the boy needs to get healthy, STAT!

Question of the Morning:  Who struggles to listen to their body before/during/after getting sick?

Ummm….no not me, at all?!?

17 thoughts on “A 10K is Quite OK

  1. mmmm, coffee.

    i take a lot of pride in listening to my body at all times. i actually find that i can listen to it more when i’m sick. it’s my body’s way of communicating to me – telling me to slow down and rest, as typically i get sick when i push myself too hard… whether that be my diet, not sleeping enough, drinking too much or not enough 😉 … stuff like that. my body will revolt and be like “OH YEAH?! TAKE THIS!” *cough cough, sniff sniff* i’m getting over a thing myself… which i knew would come the minute i finished moving – PURGING! i think the “common cold” is essential! and our bodies know it!


  2. I wish I was better at listening to my body- if I was I wouldn’t have been in the boot for the last month. I need to work on that. I’m glad you’re feeling better, and a 10k is awesome 🙂

  3. I used to continue working out when I was sick. Almost 3 years ago I got SUPER sick. I was sick off and on for months (a lot of it stress related) but continued to work out during that time. Since then I’ve definitely learned that it’s completely fine to take a few days off for being sick, or even a week. 🙂

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