Fun Running Survey

Best Run Ever

My best race was absolutely the Steamboat Half Marathon.


But I’d say the coolest and most unique run I’ve ever had was my run with my MOH the morning of my wedding.

DSCN0800 DSCN0801


To be running in Golden, CO, with my best friend, about ready to MARRY my other best friend — just made it a special run.  Doesn’t get any better than that.

Three Words That Describe My Running

Determined, challenging, focused

My Go-To Running Outfit

Lululemon shorts or capris

Sports bra top or tech t

compression socks


BIC band head band


Quirky Habit While Running

I am SUPER focused when I run — so I probably either look like I need to poop, or like I want to hurt someone.  It’s cute.


Morning, Mid-day, or Evening

I prefer mornings…but when it’s freezing I’m all about after work.

I Won’t Run Outside If It’s…

I have access to a treadmill in my building — so I’m a TOTAL wuss.  Rain, snow, cold, dark, I’m probably on the treadmill.

Worst Injury And How I Got Over It

I’ve been VERY lucky with injuries.  Only a minor case of runners knee, which kept me away from running for about a month.  God save Zach if I ever have to take off any longer.

Potential Running Goal For 2013

I am running the St Louis Half on October 27 — and my main goal is to just PR and/or FINISH the race.

Next Race Is

St Louis RnR baby!



Your turn!  Answer any of the questions, or all, in the comments 🙂

19 thoughts on “Fun Running Survey

  1. I might have to do this survey too! LOL my focused face can sometimes be constipation face too. OMG I’m so excited for your race!!! You’re gonna rock it. You’ll definitely finish, I mean you just ran a half on the treadmill!

  2. The coolest and most unique run for me was in golden on your wedding day! So honored to be a part of the day and that you’d want to run with me. And I enjoyed running thru the cute town and working those hills like champs! 😉 and our run also led us to delicious breakfast!

  3. Ha! I love that you say “God save Zach if I have to take off any longer” when you’re talking about injuries. I had to take off 3 months once when I got an acute fracture in my foot–it was not pleasant for anyone around me!

  4. I love that you went running the morning of your wedding; what a great memory to have! I would love to do that as well (I’ll just have to get engaged first ha!)

  5. Best run ever: Race for the Roses 2010 half marathon, despite a fall that left me bleeding quite a bit while I was running. 🙂

    Outfit: Capri pants, colorful sports bra, tank top, Nike Free’s

    Morning, mid-day, or evening. Morning. Always morning. I might force myself at night, but it’s not good.

    I won’t run outside if… It’s cold, rainy, or too windy

    Worst injury and how I got over it: Sesamoiditis, and I still can’t get over it. I don’t want to take a solid 6 weeks off my entire foot. The other would be runners knee that I got at Mile 13 in a full marathon. I kept running until Mile 17 and then I very slowly walked to the finish line… which took FOREVER!

    Potential running goal for (2014!): Another full marathon and 2 half marathons.

    Next race: Hot Buttered Run!

  6. Great post…I may steal the idea (and link back, of course!) I will just admit to one quirky habit here…when running, every time I approach a hill, I can’t help but say “There’s gold in them there hills!” to myself. I don’t even know why! I am so goofy!

  7. Love this! I’m a wuss too…my roommate brought a treadmill when she moved in and there’s just something so easy about hopping on rather than going outside…I like outside runs more when I’m doing them but I feel like I need more motivation to get them done

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