Workout Plan for the Week: October 7 and ONE MONTH!

Good Morning and Happy Monday All 🙂



After a weekend full of fun — it’s kind of a bummer that Monday has rolled around again.  But — on the bright side. . .

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Today is our one month wedding anniversary 🙂

I promise I won’t do a sappy post like this every month — I’m just a little excited about the one month mark.  Feels like a fun mini milestone, right?

Zach and I have a fun date night planned tonight to celebrate. He’ll be traveling all over the world (literally) for the next month, so we also wanted to take some time together while he’s still in town.

this Morning

I woke up this morning ready to start the week off with a work out knowing that I had a date night planned tonight.

Workout of the Morning:  10 miles stationary bike.  30 minutes strength

My strength training routine was taken from the newest SELF magazine.  It was a 24  minute full body routine that can pretty much be done anywhere with minimal equipment.

The work out included three 7 minute sets.  Each including 3 different work outs.

Set one: (minutes 1-7)

  • power squats (10 lbs)
  • leg press (45 lbs)
  • plank jumps

Rest 1 minute

Set two (minutes 8-14)

  • Incline sit ups
  • Incline row (20 lbs)
  • V – ups

Rest 1 minute

Set two (Minutes 15-21)

  • Curtsy squats (10 lbs)
  • Tricep dips
  • Power push ups (push up, then bring knee to opposite elbow.  Repeat L and R for 1 rep)

By the time I was done with this work out, I was fairly spent.  My body was still a bit exhausted from the weekends activities, but this was a good way to ease back into cardio and strength.

Workout Plan for the Week:

Guess what guys — It’s TAPER TIME! 🙂

  • Monday – 10 miles stationary bike and 30 minutes strength
  • Tuesday – AM yoga – PM 4-5 mile run
  • Wednesday – 10 miles stationary bike and yoga/light strength
  • Thursday – 4-5 mile easy run
  • Friday – Rest/Yoga
  • Saturday – Long run – 10 miles
  • Sunday – Recovery run/bike

I’m respecting the taper period by lowering my miles and also trying to lighten up the strength training for the next few weeks.  More yoga and light weights, less hard strength.   I will have plenty of time AFTER the race to focus on strength training again, but I want to give my body some time to recover and prepare for the big day!

Question of the Day:  Am I crazy to be excited about one month? It’s OK to say yes 😉



11 thoughts on “Workout Plan for the Week: October 7 and ONE MONTH!

  1. Holy Moley! It could NOT have been 1 month ago? Seriously?? But no, you’re not crazy for being excited about it- and don’t let anyone tell you differently! I mean, I got excited for my 1 month DATING anniversary (and pretty much every single one after that), so wedding is like 987614323x more than that.

  2. Whoa, it’s really already been a whole month? Seems like you got married a couple weeks ago. Well, congratulations! You’re only crazy if you’re gonna celebrate every single month up to the 1-year, but you already said you weren’t going to do that. One month is all good! 🙂

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