You all remember I went to a blog class last week, right?  Ready to listen and learn — excited for an opportunity to improve my blog, my writing, and really myself.


This has nothing to do with the class — but seriously how cute does Zach look? Doesn’t he look ready to study?

One of the major things I took away from that class is the importance of utilizing social networking tools.


  • facebook
  • twitter
  • pinterest
  • instagram

Now — I’m the first to admit that I am far from tech savy.  The blog has really helped to expand my experiences and force me to begin using these toold — but I am FAR from a pro.

I am currently on:

Edited to add:  I made a Chocolatemedals Facebook page after all the great advice I already got!! Thanks so much everyone for your advice — not everyone feel free to LIKE it 🙂

Unfortunately I don’t have a smart phone, so instragram is out for the time being.  (Seriously, how out of the loop am I?)


So — now I need YOUR help!

The class completely inspired me to reach out to these other social networks and become more involved — but I’m still a newbie.  Anyone who wants to be my friend, PLEASE click the above links, or the links on the side bars of my page,  and we can have TONS of fun on these other networks and be BFFs forever 🙂

And of course — I’m reaching out to any of you that ARE tech savy — any tips/idea/connections/thoughts, ANYTHING you have for me, I am HAPPY to hear it.   Please and Thank you! 🙂  Comments or email @

This little blog and all you readers are really important to me, and I’d love to make this little passion of mine the best it can be! WIth your help, of course 😉

Question of the Day: What is your favorite social networking site?

WordPress 🙂

39 thoughts on “Help!

  1. I followed you on Twitter! For Facebook, you may want to consider setting up a Page rather than a personal profile. This way you can keep your personal page separate from your blog. Your readers can then “like” your page rather than sending a friend request. I don’t have a Facebook page for my blog yet either but it’s something I’d like to do if I eventually get enough traffic!

  2. We’re “friends” on Facebook and Twitter, but at this point I’m not Pinterested. If you get on Instagram, holla! I don’t think you need a smart phone for it, but it helps – there may be ways around it if you google it. Or if you have another device that can download apps…

  3. Yes, I agree with Andrea, that’s a good idea. Getting a page instead of using your personal profile makes it easier to seperate things. I am thinking of setting up one for myself too.

  4. Oh man! I should add you on facebook and pinterest! I’m like 80 and do not have twitter. Oh, and if you want to have an instragram, you can (don’t need a smart phone). It’s just not as convenient, but you can upload pictures from your computer…I think…

  5. Aside from WordPress, Instagram is my favorite site, you don’t need a smart phone to go on/or post, its just a little easier that way. And I am still trying to get more familiarized with Twitter. 🙂

  6. I’m not very savvy either, but I am on Instagram and Twitter. I will find you! And btw, I mentioned you in a blogging award post today, so hopefully a few new followers will appear shortly!

  7. Just started following you on twitter, FB and pinterest!
    I took don’t have Instagram either….but hope to get it when I get my work phone back 😉
    I like FB the most since I’m on it personally too, I can easily switch over.

  8. All of my links to social media are on my About page. I do okay with facebook but admit I’m not sure I “get” Twitter. How can you follow hundreds of people furiously tweeting every little thing multiple times a day? It’s a little overwhelming. Maybe I’m missing something. I like Pinterest because I like to look at the pictures. 🙂 I’ll follow you on all of them!

  9. I’m a Facebook person. Currently I don’t use Facebook for anything other than jibber-jabber between my friends and me. In the future I suppose I’ll have to start looking at it from another perspective. 🙂

  10. I am all about Facebook. I use Twitter too but not as much. The beauty of Twitter is that it is short and sweet. You can also re-tweet the same message multiple times a day so your content can be seen by many eyes.

  11. As far as using Twitter, short and sweet hashtags that are creative are something you should consider creating. maybe 3 or 4 that you can use when post. Something that reminds people of your blog and even #chocolatemedals could be one. Don’t use too many hashtags in a post, users start to over look content when it appears like spam. Good luck taking your blog to the next level! I’m still waiting to buy my domain name :]

  12. I don’t have Twitter but I’m following you on Pinterest and your FB page! I use FB most of the time, and Pinterest is something I use when I have nothing better to do. It’s fun and mindless. 🙂

  13. I would not consider myself the most tech savy but I have gotten a few of those nailed. I am on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook (personal profile only, not a page (Yet!!) ), but my favorite platform is instagram. I love looking at all photos, it just perks me up to see such beautiful things.

  14. The facebook page is a great idea. I will check yours out and see how it works! I am not very tech-savy either. I just got my first smart phone in June, so I am glad to know that I am not the only one in my age range that didn’t have one! I just recently “discovered” pinterest, and I am totally addicted to it. I probably “pin” way too many things. But that is a great idea to link all of those things to your blog. Best of luck!

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