The Day I Ran a Half Marathon, On the Treadmill.

I’m going to be honest with you all . . . I feel like a little bit of a bad ass at the moment.


The last time I felt like this much of a bad ass. . . when I finished the Steamboat Half in June.

Let’s Backtrack. . .

Last Night

We took it really easy last night, carbo loading on pasta, Nuun, Wheat thins and candy.


We were in bed my 11 and when I woke up at 8 this morning, I felt much better than I have the entire week.

With that said, it was still frosty and COLD outside. . . so I realized pretty quickly that I was destined to the treadmill for this run.

I am really working on getting outdoors, but not willing to slip on ice less than a month before the race.

This bummed me out a bit — but lucky for me I found some inspiration and motivation VIA Twitter.

One of my favorite bloggers, and one I’ve read for YEARS (like one of those bloggers you REALLY look up to)  Ashley commented on my tweet with exactly what I needed to hear.

@Chocolatemedals yes you can! Break it into 5ks!

And you guys, that’s exactly what I did — and guess what.  I FINISHED!

Workout of the Day:  Long Run: 13.1 treadmill miles

I broke it up into mini runs: one 5k at a time



first 5k:  29.51



Second 5k:  2858 (I stopped the treamdill after the first 5k on accident..tripped getting off as the belt was still moving.  Happens. Wait, no only happens to me?  Actually it was fine because my treadmill only goes to 99 minutes so I would have had to break it up anyway).  I also took a NASTY Gu at this point.  Lesson:  Stick to the Honey Stingers



I felt strong after the 3rd 5k so kept going until I needed a water break.



And finished my Nuun at 10.6



And then — after 2 hours 3 minutes and 31 seconds on the treadmill, I finished.

And seriously almost cried I was so happy.

No it wasn’t outside like I wanted, but let me tell you this was one MENTALLY challenging run.

And to be honest, me and these legs feel more ready than ever to tackle a half.



Lets go!

Question of the Morning:  What’s the longest you’ve ever run on a treadmill?

13.1 baby.


42 thoughts on “The Day I Ran a Half Marathon, On the Treadmill.

  1. I can’t believe you did the whole thing on a treadmill. and a great time too!!! I think the longest I ever did on a treadmill was 6 miles and that was more than enough. I tend to get bored after a couple miles but breaking up into smaller runs is really smart.

  2. That’s awesome!! I ran 20 miles on a treadmill once – there was a pretty gross snowstorm that day, so doing it outside seemed like a poor idea. In hindsight, it might’ve been easier to do it in the snow than on the treadmill!! Definitely a huge mental challenge. Congrats to you on getting through it!

  3. I am trying to talk my hubby into buying me a treadmill to run when the baby is napping. Since we live in Florida the only challenge outside is the heat in the summers, so I still haven’t had much luck! Great job running though, that is tough.

  4. SHUT.UP. TWIN!!! OMG you’re a freaking beast! Seriously smiling right now cause you’re a rock star! I’ll definitely use this as motivation tomorrow. Gahhhhh you’re so freaking awesome! And clearly your pre-race food should be pasta, Nuun, Wheat thins and candy.

    And no, I’ve definitely tripped on the treadmill and shut it off. Although, I can’t say, “no, it’s not just you” because we are the same person…

  5. Good for you! I don’t know how you did it on the treadmill. I can’t stand running on one and plan to run outside throughout the winter. Unless it’s raining cats and dogs then I’ll be outside.

  6. Oh my goodness, I have NO idea how you did that. You’re a rockstar, lady! The longest I can typically run on the treadmill is 7 miles- once I hit that marker it’s like I mentally shut down. You’re inspiring me to push through it next time though!

  7. Get it, girl! That’s great. Treadmill running makes me want to hit myself — though I’ve only done it once in the past … 12 years or so (and it was, like, last week. And only a mile.).
    I just mapped a route to go for 4 miles today — which would be my longest distance yet. We will see — did 2.45 this morning with my yoga group, so hopefully my body will cooperate!
    Seeing this definitely helps!

  8. I once ran 5 miles on the treadmill and LOATHED every second of it!! The TM is my absolutely last choice. You need a medal just for running that much on a TM!! Way to go!!

  9. First – Congrats! Totally Bad ASS! Second – Treadmill? UGH!! Third – TREADMILL?! I HATE the treadmill! I struggle to make it to 3 miles on a treadmill. Seriously, you rock!

  10. Way to go! Breaking up long runs is what I do a lot, especially treadmill ones. Living in Utah, we have lots of days in the winter where running on the roads would require snow shoes and an ice pick:)

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  12. I am impressed you can stock or out on the treadmill for so long. ..I hate them! I think the longest I’ve done at a stretch on the treadmill is about 11 or we miles. But there is a very small indoor track at my gym so sometimes I try and break a long run up with that if I have to run indoors. Although that’s almost as bad because it’s 10 laps to 1 miles. You almost just have v to run for time v rather than count the laps!

  13. You totally bossed it, you will go much faster outdoors when you do your half with the wind in your hair and crowd to cheer you on.

  14. My crazy treadmill stunt happened a few years ago. It was New Year’s Eve and one of my goals for the year was to run a marathon. Sidetracked by work, family, and just plain old life I never got around to entering or training for a race. I woke up that morning, put my running shoes on, jumped on the treadmill and ran my own marathon. 26.2 miles later I met my goal.
    I’ll never do it again!

  15. Great method! Definitely something I should keep in mind! The farthest I ever ran was 9 miles on the treadmill. It wasn’t as rough because I popped a movie in! Although I much rather run outside! Ah!

  16. Congrats! You are going to crush the race! When I was training for my first marathon, I had such bad IT Band issues that I couldn’t run, but I could do the elliptical machine without much pain. I spent some 3+ hour sessions on that bad boy. It was horrible. Luckily the gym TV was set to a channel playing a marathon of Saved by the Bell during an 18 miler. Haha

  17. Nice!! Sometimes I think running on a treadmill is harder than running outside. My treadmill currently faces the wall, sooooo yeah. I don’t think I could run much longer than 4M facing a wall. HA!

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