My Husband Is One Lucky Man

Let me tell you how much of a party our night has been in the Jara household.


Yes that’s right.  A box of Wheat Thins, coffee cup of candy, and my first glass of Nuun.


Just hanging out in my compression gear and snacks.

PS:  If you haven’t tried Nuun, do it now.  I LOVED it — and while I’m sure it’s mental, am actually starting to feel better.  I may have found my new hydration trick during my long runs (and the night before, it’s seriously tasty).

Now if that isn’t how you get ready for a long run — I don’t know what is 😉

Of course, there has been some dinner somewhere in there as well.


Our CostCo spinach ravioli with a whole lot of roasted veggies underneath.  Topped off with parmesan cheese and roasted acorn squash seeds from our dinner last night.

DSC_0257 DSC_0256

How resourceful is Zach?  He remembered loving pumpkin seeds when I’ve baked them, so he tried it with these as well. Smart – and tasty!

We’ve already watched one movie tonight, and 3 episodes of Park and Rec.  So if you’ll excuse me.  I need to get back to this party.

Man my hubby is one lucky guy 😉

Question of the Night: Have you tried Nuun?  Thoughts?

19 thoughts on “My Husband Is One Lucky Man

  1. I discovered Nuun a few years ago and love it. I’ve never liked sports drinks which are usually too strong and sugary tasting for me. I also tend to get really dehydrated running during the summer and need something more than water. I’ll drink a Nuun before a long run and after and it helps a lot!

  2. I love Nuun! What flavor did you try? I’m partial to cherry limeade 🙂 Also, I don’t think it’s mental, I’ve drank it when I’m feeling a bit hungover and it’s a miracle drink

  3. Oh, I love the NUUN. I used to drink Gatorade, because my friend/coach/mentor/sensei told me that’s how it HAD to be done. It caused tons of stomach issues for me… I felt like I was dragging all the time. A little research later and I figured out that stomach issues is a common thing for runners who rely on Gatorade. I swapped to NUUN, and have been running happier and stronger since! I hear Hammer nutrition is a good idea too, I just didn’t like the taste… it was…dunno…empty-like to me.

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