Time for Another WIAW from the amazing Peas and Crayons!


Last week, I did my WIAW following my eats on a long run day.   Today — I thought it might be fun to follow the day AFTER a long run, when my appetite has returned and I’m back to eating and snacking my way through a Sunday 🙂

Is anyone else a snack MONSTER on Sundays, or is it just me?

Anyways . . . on to the stuff you came here for.  The EATS 🙂


My breakfast bagel, with egg whites prepared with veggies, turkey, pepper jack cheese, raspberry jam and frozen cherries.  With a side of coffee, of course.  The perfect post run brunch.


My first snack of the afternoon — some chocolate trail mix.  Full of goodies like almonds, peanuts, dried cherries, raisins, butterscotch chips, chocolate chips, chocolate covered raisins, the list goes on 😉


A baby watermelon that looked too good at the grocery store for Zach to pass up.


The snacking continues. . . super fresh grape tomatoes from the farmers market.


Dinner was our Sunday go-to.  Homemade pizza.  This one had a gold beat, two kinds of peppers, sliced deli meat, and lots of cheese.  Delish.


And I capped off the night with homemade Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I may have snacked the afternoon away — but it was a day of eats that I wouldn’t mind repeating any day of the week ;).


Question of the Afternoon:  Is there any day or time that you become a snack monster?

Weekends for me…definitely.  When I’m just relaxing or enjoying downtime.

17 thoughts on “WIAW

  1. Twin, I’m a snack monster on Sundays too! It’s bad. I’m the type of eater who prefers to graze all day (instead of eating 3 large meals), but the weekends I can get carried away haha. Saturdays are my long run days, but that usually causes my stomach to feel bleh later in the day. So Sundays, unfortunately, my tummy is cranky and yells “feed me!” all day.

  2. Honestly, your post made me hungry and I grabbed a bag of trail mix. I eat all day long every day. my hungriest day is the day after my longest run with the day of the longest run being the day I eat the least (sadly) I’m working on that!

  3. I’m sitting here in the Starbucks library waiting for my next class to start with the smells of toasted bagels wafting through the air and now your mouth watering pictures…I’m just sad right now I ate sushi earlier and I’m not hungry anymore to eat something lol! I love you’re week day themes too.

  4. I don’t really have a day but if I am ever a snack monster it’s for sure in the morning. It seems kind of weird to me that that’s the time I want to snack, but it’s always been that way.

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